High precision plasma cutting

Meander 1210х75х3 - picture
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Meander 1455х75х6 - picture
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Meander 1455х100х10 - picture
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Meander frame 1235х100х3 - picture
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Meander frame 1485х100х6 - picture
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Meander frame 1490х130х10 - picture
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Meander sloping 1205х75х3 - picture
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Meander sloping 1455х75х6 - picture
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Meander sloping frame 1230х100х3 - picture
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Meander sloping frame 1475х100х6 - picture
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Vignette plant 1230х75х3 - picture
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Vignette plant frame 1240х95х3 - picture
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Vignette 973х55х2 - picture
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Frieze  1200х160х3 - picture
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Meander segment R420х75х3 - picture
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Meander segment R435х75х6 - picture
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High precision plasma cutting

A method of heat treatment of a material based on the use of a jet of plasma formed as a result of supplying a directed jet of plasma-forming gas under high pressure to the arc - the method of plasma cutting. Depending on the type of material being cut, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, or mixtures thereof can be used to form the plasma. The jet temperature can reach 30,000 degrees, which allows cutting metal thickness up to 200 mm. 

Plasma cutting, as a technology, was developed and began to be used in production, as an alternative to conventional oxy-fuel cutting, which in many cases did not provide the required quality of finishing of the material, the required speed of work, and sometimes only the possibility of its implementation. This applied to copper and aluminum alloys, high alloy steels and steel sheets that were too thick or too thin.

When processing these materials with a traditional oxygen cut, thermal deformation of the metal sheet occurs, depletion and melting of adjacent areas, and the formation of slag in the cut line. All these problems have been solved with the advent of a new technology that provides strictly direct melting only in the cutting zone. Plasma is a special ionized gas containing electrically charged particles. Plasma cutting is performed using this gas, but at the same time it is carried out only by a highly qualified specialist who knows a lot about such a responsible work.

Plasma cutting in Kiev

By contacting Artdeco® for the purchase of products made by plasma cutting, you can get high-quality decorative elements for the interior and exterior.

Plasma cutting of metal in Kiev must be carried out with the highest quality, so you should pay special attention to a company that can provide the highest quality services and highly qualified employees. At Artdeco®, the employees who work with plasma cutting are professionals in their field, so forging elements become works of art.

Plasma cutting in Kiev is the most inexpensive heat treatment technology, since it does not require expensive additional consumables. The high speed also lowers labor costs and element costs.

Plasma product prices

When calculating the cost of working hours, the thickness of the metal blade for a continuous cut line and the cost of the first groove are taken into account, which corresponds to an additional 100 millimeters. Each of the product categories is assessed individually, depending on the amount of work and complexity.

At the time of ordering, many are interested in the question, what are the advantages of elements made using this technology:

In our time in Kiev, this is the most affordable heat treatment technology that does not require the purchase of expensive additional tools and consumables.

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