Perforated sheet

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Perforated sheet from the manufacturer Artdeco

Do you want to stylishly and simply decorate the interior of your home or find a new technological solution for production? Then you've come to the right page. Pay attention to perforated sheets – a modern solution to almost all design issues.

Where can perforated sheet be used?

The use of perforation in construction, industry, design, furniture manufacturing, mechanical engineering and air conditioning has become commonplace. Perforated sheet products are everywhere, so we don’t even think about why perforation is so popular at specific sites and why more and more professionals choose it as the basis of their business.

In addition, you have the opportunity to apply a special design and bring to life the most daring ideas, even if it concerns the usual home renovation. A metal sheet with holes of different shapes and types already looks elegant and unusual in itself, it remains only to use this feature when building certain objects. Create effects of transparency, ornateness, combine and enjoy the stylish power of all this beauty.

The use of perforated canvas

Today, the punched sheet has a very wide application. It can be used in construction or architecture, where this solution will be in great demand. In addition, it can act as a fence for stairs, balconies or railings.

In our time, perforated metal is increasingly used. It is used in almost all spheres of human life.

To begin with, it should be said that a perforated sheet is a material that has undergone a special procedure – perforation. The result is a product with many holes. Currently, openings can be of a variety of sizes and shapes. For example, you can find products that have round, oval, square, rectangular, triangular holes. They can be placed on the surface not only strictly horizontally-vertically, but also diagonally. You can even buy a sheet with shaped holes if you want.

Today, materials can act as urban structures. These can be metal road fences, outdoor advertising, elements of building facades or as lighting elements.

Recently, this material has been used in interior decoration as decorative elements. These can be furniture elements, ceiling and wall panels. If necessary, it can be used as balcony, stair railings, in addition, as exhibition or trade equipment.

Due to the flexibility of the material, its strength and lightness, it becomes possible to create a variety of products of various sizes and shapes.

Element advantages

When ordering perforated sheet from Artdeco, you can be sure of the quality:

  1. uniform placement of holes on the perforated sheet;
  2. no burrs, cracks, flaws at the edges, deformed bridges;
  3. Compliance with technical standards.

You can order and buy a perforated sheet on the website, as well as directly at Artdeco offices (Contacts are listed on the website).


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