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Metal door panels

The gate is the face of any home. In the modern world, the requirement for the beauty and quality of entrance barriers is especially high. That is why paneled gates have become especially widespread. The metal panel is a material of special quality. On the one hand, 1.2mm metal is light enough, and on the other, stiffening ribs provide high strength of the product. Our paneled panels are geometrically correct in absolutely all planes. This ensures high quality of the final product and no costs associated with the need for fit, etc.

Use of panels

The metal panel is used for decoration, strengthening, production of swing and sliding gates. Such a product is distinguished by its exceptional strength, durability and appearance. Due to the fact that you can buy different types of panels from us, your structure can get a truly unique design. First you need to decide what size you need, then try to draw a simple pattern based on the size of the metal panel. We can help you with this. It remains only to choose the type of the metal panel itself. The price for door panels on the website is up-to-date, always available, we send all over Ukraine by various companies specializing in transport. The weight of the cargo, as well as the cost of delivery, is calculated by the transport company.

Benefits of using panels

The use of panels of this kind for structures provides many advantages, not only in decorating, but also in strengthening the frame.

Paneled gates: appearance and possibilities

If you are going to install a new structure of the fence, change it to a higher quality, luxurious one with shine and chic, then the installation requires preliminary calculations, since it is not only the protection of your home, but also the self-expression of your own taste.

Simply put - nobody canceled aesthetics and it is always pleasant to look at a beautiful, well-kept gate. Since they are set long enough, this issue should be approached most carefully.

The covering of the fence is most often made of metal and, therefore, the cost corresponds to the material used. At the same time, perhaps its best feature is its strength and protection against corrosion.

Initially, for the manufacture of such elements, sheets of metal were used to connect parts that were welded. After cleaning the joints, a chocolate bar was obtained, which made it more attractive and respectable. However, due to manual production, there was always a risk of marriage, so the craftsmen had to carefully check the quality of the structure. Modern products are usually manufactured in factory equipment.

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