Paint, patina for forged products. Primer and solvent

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Paint, patina, primer and thinner for metal processing

Since art forging products are made from steel profiles that tend to rust quickly, they need to be coated with a protective coating such as paint, patina, including a primer and a solvent.

Processing paint

Decorative forged products are very popular in the construction of residential and non-residential buildings. They are used for interior decoration and garden decoration. The most labor-consuming, durable and expensive product is hot art forging, in which the metal is heated to a very high temperature and the most complex shapes can be "formed" from it. This technology is often used in home furnishings. Cold forging is less time consuming and less expensive and is most commonly used for horticultural products. The main problem of all forged products is corrosion, which degrades the appearance of the product and leads to a violation of its integrity. To protect metal products, it is necessary to purchase paints for art forging and painting structures. It is very important to pre-protect the surfaces with a primer to obtain the highest quality effect.

Modern blacksmith paint is produced using innovative technologies, has high adhesion, resistance to moisture, ultraviolet rays and weather conditions. High-quality paints for cold and hot forging will provide excellent protection against the development of corrosion processes, retain color saturation for a long time and provide an excellent appearance of structures. The most popular shades are gold forge paint, black, chocolate, beige and others. Ordinary forging paint patina creates the effect of aging of the product, scuffs, gives volume and depth to the forged pattern, has a very elegant and noble look.

Why is patina paint necessary?

When you see antiques that have darkened over time, they seem even more significant and attractive. This is the patina effect. Darkening and discoloration of the metal is a sign of the authenticity of an antique. But it is also possible to artificially age the metal with a patina, which can be used to decorate a modern product. Not everyone likes the sparkle of cool gold or brushed brass. Specially treated with patina, they acquire a more refined look and an elegant shade with the help of patina, which does not interfere with the visual perception of the forged object.

In addition, the artificial patina in the forging protects the material from oxidation, such as bronze. The patina is resistant to weathering and can protect metal for many years both inside and out.

Artificially "aged" garden products are especially attractive. They fit very organically into the natural landscape, become part of it.

Nowadays, the most often used special acrylic paint patina, which in a matter of minutes allows you to give the surface of any product an antique look. They protect the metal from corrosion and at the same time make it possible to simulate different textures, for example, to make one metal look like another. So there are paints that give the color of gold, bronze, copper, silver, as well as green and purple patina. In search of the desired color scheme, you can combine different types of patina.

Ground advantage

For any kind of finishing work, a primer is required. Improves the surface quality, removes roughness, facilitates the subsequent process of painting walls or wallpaper. Thanks to its use, you can reduce the consumption of finishing by 30%. There are different types of primer on the market for specific purposes and different types of surfaces. The main types of compositions:

A special place among all types is occupied by deep penetration soil - an indispensable composition for highly absorbent surfaces.

Features of the solvent

Most materials require the use of special formulations that give them the necessary consistency, density and viscosity. Solvents are used as such preparations. It is a liquid chemical mixture of organic or inorganic origin, consisting of several components. Mixing with organic substances, solvents form a homogeneous substance with them.

The main purpose of the product is to bring paints and varnishes to the desired consistency before applying to surfaces. Quality solvents have the following characteristics:

A good solvent works only when mixed and applied to the substrate, it evaporates immediately after that. The preparations can be used for other purposes, so you can buy solvent for cleaning surfaces and tools, as well as for degreasing. With their help, you can carry out processing before painting, clean rollers, brushes, containers with paint and even clean the skin or clothes of a person from accidental contact with paint and varnish substances.

In each case, the appropriate solvent should be selected, which will ensure a uniform consistency of the mixture and easy application to the substrate.

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