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Lock SIBA(10201-20) 150х36х20 - picture
63.255 In stock
130.44 грн.
124.20 грн.
Lock KALE(201F) 130х40х20 - picture
63.256 In stock
412.98 грн.
393.30 грн.
Lock APECS(72-K-CR) 104х34х20 - picture
317.64 грн.
302.46 грн.
Lock Gardian(10.11) 130х82х50 - picture
63.260 In stock
557.88 грн.
531.30 грн.
Lock Ariko(3B-9) 130х81х50 - picture
63.261 In stock
223.44 грн.
212.76 грн.
Lock insert Kale(164В) 40х40 - picture
63.300.13 In stock
374.16 грн.
356.28 грн.
Lock insert Kale(164В) 40х40 - picture
63.300.14 In stock
374.16 грн.
356.28 грн.
Lock insert Kale(164В) 40х50 - picture
63.300.15 In stock
397.38 грн.
378.42 грн.
Lock insert Kale(164В) 40х50 - picture
63.300.16 In stock
397.38 грн.
378.42 грн.
Lock insert Kale(164В) 50х50 - picture
63.300.17 In stock
426.90 грн.
406.56 грн.
Lock insert Kale(164В) 50х50 - picture
63.300.18 In stock
426.90 грн.
406.56 грн.

Forged mortise locks and cylinders

Every self-respecting person would like his house to be his fortress, and he was calm about the safety of his property. To do this, it is enough to purchase a burglar-proof mortise lock, and the problem will be solved!

A person is greeted by his clothes, and a room by the appearance of the door. Even if you choose the most expensive and exclusive model, there is no lock - then there is no corresponding level of protection and security. Mortise locks are considered one of the best options. It is a locking mechanism that cuts into the doorway: provides a high level of security without changing the appearance of the door leaf. The structure must be strong and tamper-proof.

The Artdeco® online store offers a wide selection of mortise mechanisms. If you do not understand the differences between the main types of products, you can trust our specialists - they will tell you why they determine this or that model, focusing on your wishes and available budget.

How to choose the right lock

Everyone is faced with a huge selection of models with advantages and disadvantages when buying a reliable lock. To decide which mechanism to install, you need to analyze the assortment and choose the most suitable option for you.

Mortise security locks are among the most common and commonly used. They are mainly used for entrance door surfaces, installing them inside the leaf. Taking into account the side of the opening, mortise locks are divided into two types:

If you need to buy a lock to replace the old one, the main task will be to decide on a design that fits the existing holes. To do this, determine what type of lock you need: primary or secondary. Then measure the bexset, body length and width, and planks. If you choose a locking mechanism for a new door, then the purchase is limited only by needs and available budget.

Versatile option for the best level of reliability: different types

 products. In this case, the cost of a durable mortise lock may be higher, but you can be sure of the safety of your home.

Products can be installed under a certain type of opening, so they differ depending on the intended use: for metal, wood, metal-plastic, aluminum or Chinese canvases. Each door surface has its own strength, width and material properties, which should be considered when choosing.

 Cylinder - suitable for the entrance door structure, and if the key is lost, it is enough to simply replace the core. Suvaldny - suitable for entrance, garage and warehouse gates. Two-key is a universal solution, since it combines a cylindrical and a lever type. Under the handle - suitable for interior doors, controlled only by the handle.

The advantages of locks

If you give preference and choose the level of security, then mortise locks are more reliable than hinged and overhead locks, therefore they are more popular. Installed on wooden and metal doors, in multi-storey and private houses, offices and gates. The specifics of the installation inside the doors does not impair the external appearance, the high-quality lock structure is resistant to theft, is highly resistant to mechanical damage and has a long service life. Entrance door locks are selected according to the principle of reliability, because they should serve as an obstacle to the penetration of thieves into the house, and the mechanism for closing the interior openings is selected according to the aesthetic principle.

Not only reliability, but also ease of use depends on what locking mechanism the mortise locks are equipped with. Electronic models win here, such locks are opened with a magnetic key or a code. Often a code type is used for the gate and front door, the key for which is stored in the head. With prolonged use, intensively pressed buttons can be erased, clamped, issuing a code. Therefore, in code variants it is recommended to change the combination every 4-6 months.

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