Lion on the gate and bas-relief

Big lion 410х310 (Polystone) - picture
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Lion average 290х210 (Polystone) - picture
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Lion small 240х175 (Polystone) - picture
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Cartouche (Lion)  450х320 (Polystone) - picture
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Lion (Steel) 150х37мм - picture
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Lion (Steel) 230х63мм - picture
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Lion (Steel) 280х78мм - picture
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Lion (Steel) 340х94мм - picture
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Lion on the gate and a bas-relief for decor

Symbolizes royalty, courage and strength - the king of beasts. Therefore, the symbol is increasingly used in decorating a lion on gates and bas-reliefs of gates and fences.

Probably the main reason people are attracted to the image of the king of beasts is courage, resilience and calmness, caused by the realization of their strength. Sculptures, statues were often elements of royal thrones and played the role of sacred defenders of castles and cities throughout Eurasia.

The attribute of the highest dignity and magnanimity, greatness, invincibility and mystical influence correlated precisely with the image of a lion, which contains an auspicious symbol. The lion is one of the main and main symbols of military superior power, influence and generosity, endurance and protection in the culture of human civilization. Lions are depicted on the coats of arms of numerous noble families, European cities, for example, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Jerusalem, Venice, Belgium, Czech Republic and others.

In astrology, the lion symbolizes strength and good luck, solar fire and life-giving energy. If your birth coincided with the lion constellation, then a mystical patron in the form of a wall decoration or a bas-relief on doors, fences and gates, you just need it! Or do you have friends who were born under this zodiac sign? Then it's time to think about an exclusive gift for them!

Lion and bas-relief in the exterior

Most often, the owners try to exclusively highlight their local area with decor, and in such cases, the bas-relief can be used as best as possible - a large lion's head is an original handmade product. Well suited for finishing entrance gates, fences, doors. Initially, the workpiece itself is gray or brown, because after purchase the product can be tinted in gold, silver, copper or bronze and covered with weather-resistant paint.

Lion on the gate and bas-relief from Polystone, this is an original handmade souvenir. Well suited as a decoration for fences, gates, fences, gates.

Our craftsmen create a wide variety of decorative forged items using casting or stamping, as well as products from polystone (artificial stone).

Polystone is a kind of artificial stone that combines the qualities of natural stone and modern science. The product is completely resistant to rain, snow, wind, shock and UV radiation!

Bas-relief of a lion's head, a kind of sculpture in which the figure is slightly convex or, conversely, deepened in the plane. This is a sculptural image in which the volumetric part protrudes by a third of its shape. The lion on the gate and the bas-relief looks powerful and voluminous, because the head protrudes more than half of its volume. The presented elements are made of metal casting. They fit harmoniously into the interior of the house, the facade of the fireplace, fences, gates and entrance gates. A metal bas-relief of flowers, ornaments or a lion looks great outdoors. He is not afraid of rain and snow. This gives great opportunities for its application. Images of lions made by stamping are very widely represented, which further expands the possibilities of their use in the interior of a house or summer cottage. The bas-relief is sold in any size wholesale and retail.

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