Forged hasps

Hasp 170х12 - picture
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86.22 грн.
64.50 грн.
Hasp 170х12 - picture
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82.74 грн.
61.86 грн.
Hasp 340x16 - picture
64.053 In stock
343.56 грн.
306.12 грн.
Hasp 340x16 galvanized - picture
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367.32 грн.
327.24 грн.
Hasp 320x14 - picture
64.061 In stock
196.62 грн.
175.20 грн.
Hasp 420x14 - picture
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191.34 грн.
Hasp 420x14 galvanized - picture
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282.54 грн.
251.64 грн.

Forged bolts from the manufacturer Artdeco

To make the interior more sophisticated, to emphasize the style, you can use different techniques – from creating an author's design to buying handmade furniture. Another effective and versatile way to decorate your home is to use unique fittings for furniture and doors – from artistic decorative forging. One of the advantages that is their versatility: they can be used with both wooden and metal doors. Forged fittings are made by machine or hand forging - both the first and the second elements look really impressive.

You can emphasize the interior in different ways: from buying expensive furniture to creating a unique author's design. But, perhaps, nothing decorates a house like wrought-iron parts!

This is a versatile interior decoration. Forged bolts and latches can create an elusive spirit of antiquity that will revitalize any home, make it unique, unusual and truly cozy.

Forged fittings – bolts

Door decorations are extremely varied! Thanks to this feature, you can create a stunning design full of interesting things and unusual but effective solutions. Forged bolts and handles, screws and door knockers, simple hinges and filigree snitches, bolts and curtains for a padlock. Door fittings will add originality to the room and give the impression of luxury and sophistication!

Do you think bolts are very expensive or can they only be installed on front doors? We will convince you that such products can easily decorate and decorate any door, both outside and inside. And by ordering an original door knocker, you will surely surprise your guests! It can be made in the form of a ring fixed in the mouth of a lion, or in the form of a gargoyle's paws. It will look amazing!

Fittings are not only an opportunity to decorate your home in a unique style, but also a bargain. Forged products will not only add nobility to the most common elements in the decor, but will also serve for more than a dozen years. Unlike mass-produced products, forged products do not bend or break. They not only emphasize the chosen style, but can also become the central link of the interior, giving solidity to your doors or furniture.

Summing up, we can outline the main advantages of using forged elements:

A pleasant price from the Artdeco manufacturer will delight any buyer, and a huge assortment can satisfy even an exquisite taste.

Forged bolts – a bargain

With any purchase, the main thing is not only the price, but also the quality of the purchased goods. It is worth ordering bolts or exclusive pens and snitches from forging, as they will last more than ten years, and the interior decorated with their help will be unique, without exaggeration!

Do you want to decorate the room in a special style? Add artistic forging elements and beautifully surpass the most ordinary interior details? You need to buy accessories for art forging! Such elements are not only more durable than consumer goods on the market; it does not bend or tear like plastic, but also an exquisite addition to the interior. To buy a unique forging in Kiev and decorate the room is the best way to emphasize your taste of the owner of the house!

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