Fittings for sliding gates

Set accessories for sliding gates up to 500 kg - picture
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Guide rail 1000mm - picture
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Set accessories for sliding gates up to 800 kg - picture
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Guide rail 1000 mm - picture
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Hardware for sliding gates from Artdeco

Different installation of the system involves the use of a variety of components. To choose the right hardware set for sliding gates, you need to pay attention to:

  1. Passage width;
  2. The weight of the entire system;
  3. Wind load;
  4. Manufacturer.

The door opening width is generally standard. A 4-meter system is installed for a house or summer cottage, but there are also installations with a width of 6 and 8 meters. When buying accessories, this point is taken into account first. The wider the width, the stronger must be the components for the rolling structure, the price can also vary. The same rule applies to the weight of the entire installation. Incorrectly selected fittings simply cannot cope with the daily load, and the entire system will have to be reinstalled, even the sash.

The calculation of the wind load will allow the sash to withstand even strong gusts of wind when opening when the sliding mechanism is most vulnerable. The uprights of the opening must be reliable and stable, and the guide rollers must be made of strong metal. The choice of the manufacturer is equally important.

Highlights of hardware

The component parts of the mechanism are made from modern ultra-strong polymers using innovative technologies. All elements of the sliding structure are made in such a way as to ensure maximum reliability and durability, as well as unsurpassed softness and quiet operation of the door.

Sliding gate fittings consist of:

You can order and buy a kit on the website, contact the manager by phone or come to the representative office in the regions.

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