Forged die-cutting

Die cutting 1250х80х2 - picture
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Forged die-cutting for fences and decoration of structures

One of the most economical options for fencing in private property is a die cut fence. Such structures are easy to assemble, and therefore you can independently install metal devices in your country house.

Fences made from this base are not only practical and affordable, but also have good aesthetic properties. Thanks to this, they can be used not only to protect the territory from strangers, but also to decorate a private house.

Die-cutting (punching) from metal is a waste from the production of presses, which can be clad with brass or copper. In the future, holes will be made in the metal strip for making fences from steel cutting, which are placed in a checkerboard pattern.

Die cutting features

The base is not subject to additional influences, therefore, having installed the mesh with your own hands, it is necessary to paint the fence so that the metal does not oxidize and does not lose its presentation. Despite the fact that die-cutting is created from forged waste, the structures are sufficiently strong and reliable, which ensures a long service life of the forged fence.

The price of the material is quite low, so a die-cut fence will be much lower in cost than using a chain-link mesh. The optimum cutting thickness is 3 mm or more. This is enough to build a solid and reliable structure.

Nibbling Applications

The metal element is popular with consumers due to its versatility. It can be used in the following ways:

Differences in products are based not only on the thickness of the “perforated sheets”, but also on the type of equipment that can be roll-to-roll, used for surface reinforcement, or sheet-fed for fencing structures.

Advantages and advantages of die cutting

An enclosing structure made of a cut has important valuable qualities, in particular a number of advantages over other elements:

In addition, the notch has a strong structure, so there are no seams or cracks on the surface. In addition, the material is flame retardant and does not contain formaldehyde and other volatile chemicals that are harmful to health.

How is the price of a die cut?

The cost of the finished product, and the bulk of pricing, depends on the thickness of the die itself, which can range up to 4 millimeters. It is obvious that the price for forged products, which will be with greater thickness, is higher, but at the same time, the operation and service life are much longer.

To create a strong and durable fence, you must first choose the right material. Experienced experts recommend paying attention to the following nuances before making a purchase:

Die-cutting is an excellent alternative to expensive materials, not inferior to them in terms of their technical and aesthetic characteristics. Structures made of this material look very original, and if desired, you can do the installation yourself. Due to the various stamping of metal sheets, the consumer can choose a material with a suitable pattern.


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