Forged decorative items

Cross 252х137х10 - picture
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Cross 330х178х12 - picture
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Lion 200х170х1,5 - picture
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Dog stamped 185х150х1,5 - picture
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Horseshoe 130х115х1,8 - picture
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Stamped eagle 200х175х1,2 left - picture
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Stamped eagle 200х175х1,2 right - picture
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Decorative items 145х145х1 - picture
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Decorative items, stamping for forged structures

Plant motifs, as elements from artistic forging, are often used in various steel compositions. Metal objects, decorated with decorative items, steel flowers, come to life and bring joy to others. We offer decorative metal flowers, leaves and other embossed links of decorative compositions, made by high-class professionals. We can select for you original plant elements made of high-quality metal - individual motives of any complexity, paired elements. You can familiarize yourself with the scope of our capabilities on the website of the Artdeco company and place an order here.

A variety of forged decorative products can be produced by stamping. In addition to the elements, coverings, parts and parts of fences, fences and gates can be manufactured. With the help of decor components, you can give an aesthetic and presentable look to each of the structures – a wicket, stairs, gates, staircases and handrails or a descent into the basement. For decoration, you can use any forged link – overlays, floral or leafy ornament, geometric or asymmetrical pattern.

Such a decoration not only looks interesting and attractive, but is also considered a good way out for people with good taste and sense of style. Works of art, which are what you might call artistic forging, are purchased once and delight your eyes with grace for most of your life, or until you want to change them. With patterned ceilings, you can always decorate and diversify the appearance of your existing wrought-iron products, such as gates, fences, stair railings and handrails in your spans. They will look lighter and more elegant than those that are not decorated with any ornament.

Decorative stamping – scope

Cold stamping technology makes it possible to produce products that imitate ornaments of plants of various tree species, flowers, branches of vines, animals, birds and much more.

Decorative products obtained with modern equipment are widely used to decorate wrought iron gratings, gates and fences in your home. The forged products presented on the site seem to be extraordinarily luxurious and are distinguished by exquisite taste. Ornaments of decorative ornaments are used for ennobling:

The material of the products is steel, so they quickly and efficiently, like a designer, are assembled by craftsmen into ready-made forged structures. If necessary, additional processing is applied by any of the mechanical methods.

Artdeco® craftsmen use different technologies: artistic forging, casting, stamping.

The advantage of forged products from the manufacturer

Artistic forging can be represented by an ornament of different textures or separate parts - to give a special charm inside and outside (onlays, leaves, curls, volutes, flowers, baskets, etc.). The assortment is large, and to make it more convenient for you to choose, we provide professional assistance to the designer in the design of various designs.

Buying from the manufacturer also provides benefits:

How to order decorative items?

The site contains stamped leaves, ornaments, patterns, flowers, and decorative items at affordable prices. We provide quality sheet metal stamping. You can order ornaments of plants, flowers, leaves, birds, animals and much more in bulk or retail. There is a flexible system of discounts. The cost of the order depends on the complexity of the product, the material of manufacture and the number of units. We deliver to all regions of Ukraine. In the regions where Artdeco representative offices are located, there is a possibility of self-pickup. When placing an order on the website, our managers will contact you to clarify the details.

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