Consumables for metal processing

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Circle Cutting 125h1,2х22,23 "Ataman" - picture
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Circle Trimming 125h6х22,23"Ataman" - picture
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Circle Trimming petal P40 125h22,2 - picture
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Circle Cutting 230h2,0х22,23 "Ataman" - picture
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Circle Cutting 180hх1,6х22,23"Ataman" - picture
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Suede Gloves (red) - picture
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Welding electrodes "Monolith" 2,5 kg/d = 3 mm. - picture
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Welding electrodes "Arsenal" 2.5 kg/d =3 mm - picture
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Welding electrodes "Monolith" 1kg/d = 3 mm. - picture
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Welding electrodes "Monolith" 1kg/d = 2 mm. - picture
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Pneumatic gun paint and varnish, tank 600 ml - picture
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Consumables and welding accessories for metal work

Forged elements and structures made by the Artdeco® manufacturing company are sold without processing and painting. Therefore, when buying products, you will need consumables for processing a metal surface, such as discs - grinding, cutting, trimming, stripping, welding wire, metal combs, brushes, gloves, welding electrodes and other consumables.

Welding wire

The items for surface treatment include wire for a semi-automatic machine, the quality of which affects the ability to weld various metals, the quality and durability of the seam and its strength.

The price for consumable wire depends on the type, diameter and weight of the coil. The diameter is selected according to the metal thickness: the thicker the metal being welded, the larger the wire diameter. You can calculate the amount of wire using the conventional formula: multiply the total mass of the structure by 1.5 and divide by 100, which is approximately 1.5% of the weight.

Copper-plated welding wire has a thin copper coating that protects steel from moisture and prevents rust. Guaranteed quality and reliability of the firmware, resistance to mechanical damage to the connection.

Welding electrodes

Choosing consumables for a novice welder can be a challenge. For example, what electrode diameter is needed for a specific consumable thickness, or what welding current must be adjusted to get a strong weld?

The electrode is a consumable metal core with a special coating called a coating. During welding, the core melts, and during combustion, the coating creates gas protection of the seam from the harmful effects of oxygen. In addition, during the welding process, a protective slag layer is formed from the molten pool.

When choosing an electrode, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition of the core, which should be similar to the metal being welded. Therefore, there are special electrodes for carbon, alloy, high alloy alloy, for work with stainless steel, heat-resistant, for performance with aluminum or cast iron.

There are a huge variety of metal alloys, we will not talk about them, but focus on those electrodes that may be needed in everyday life. Lightweight structural steel is mainly used for domestic needs. There are 4 types of coatings: basic, rutile, acidic and cellulosic. Each of them is used to solve their own problems.

Wheels for metal processing

A roughing wiper blade must have a fixed thickness of at least 6 mm, which is different from the cutting wheel, and also have a corrugated or rough surface, which is necessary, in particular, to reduce the temperature of the crushed (cleaned) material. Usually such a circle is also equipped with a metal sleeve to strengthen its structure.

Consumables for the production and work with metal substrates are constantly needed, because the surface must be treated with high quality and at the lowest cost.

The grinding wheel can be installed on a drill, grinder or any other grinding mechanism that requires work that requires increased safety requirements, especially for those who perform such actions for the first time:

Cut-off wheels for metal are designed for cutting materials from various steels and alloys with a hand-held power tool (landing diameter 22 mm.) Or on machine tools (diameter when landing 32 mm.)

A grinding wheel is an abrasive cutting tool consisting of a colossal amount of hard and solid particles; they are located around the entire perimeter of the product. Processing occurs by removing excess layers, which come off in the form of small chips.

Work gloves, gaiters for working with metal

A variety of work gloves or mittens with wide elongated cuffs are often used as a reliable consumable material during work. As a professional protection, gaiters are usually designed for high temperatures. This consumable protective material is mandatory for:

Leggings can be made of synthetic materials or split leather - natural leather of cows, bulls and buffaloes. To fully answer the question of what split leggings are, you need to delve into the process of making this material.

When choosing consumable work gloves, pay attention to the seams, as these are the most vulnerable places. Quality models are always sewn with Kevlar thread, which makes them more reliable and resistant to damage. Sutures are often covered with pieces of leather for added security.

For the processing of forged elements, you need consumables that you can purchase on our website.

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