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Catalog "In Ferro Qualitas-3" Brand  Arteferro - picture
1596/1 In stock
876.96 грн.
876.96 грн.
Catalog "Porte e Finestre" Brand  Arteferro - picture
876.96 грн.
876.96 грн.
Catalog "Recinzioni e Balconate" Brand Arteferro - picture
1601/2 In stock
876.96 грн.
876.96 грн.
Paint Graphite, Eddi Schmied 0,750 L - picture
17.000 In stock
896.04 грн.
792.42 грн.
Paint Graphite, Eddi Schmied 2 L - picture
17.001 In stock
2,316.06 грн.
2,048.22 грн.
WS-Plast gold bronze 0,250 L - picture
17.101 In stock
760.74 грн.
672.78 грн.
WS-Plast green 0,250 L - picture
17.102 In stock
642.48 грн.
568.20 грн.
WS-Plast copper 0,250 L - picture
17.103 In stock
701.70 грн.
620.46 грн.
WS-Plast gold 0,250 L - picture
17.104 In stock
794.58 грн.
702.72 грн.
WS-Plast silver 0,250 L - picture
17.105 In stock
701.70 грн.
620.46 грн.
Catalog "Designs-1", Brand Arteferro - picture
292.32 грн.
292.32 грн.
Catalog "Ferrum Amantibus-1"Brand Arteferro - picture
212/1 In stock
791.46 грн.
791.46 грн.
Catalog "Garden Line"Brand Arteferro - picture
3005/1 In stock
584.64 грн.
584.64 грн.
Catalog "Oggettistica Art Line" Brand Arteferro - picture
3005/2 In stock
584.64 грн.
584.64 грн.
Catalog "Le Scale Stairways" Brand Arteferro - picture
3005/26 In stock
876.96 грн.
876.96 грн.
Catalog "Gonzato Design-1" Brand Arteferro - picture
292.32 грн.
292.32 грн.

Related products for forged products

After forging each of the elements, you will need a related product to process it, which can also be purchased in our online store. To complete the readiness of the metal structure, finishing, accompanying additions in the form of bas-reliefs, decorative items, accessories, including consumables, will be required.

The Artdeco® manufacturer provides a selection of products that will be needed in finishing or processing to make a finished product.

You can also view the required products in our forging catalogs of the manufacturer of forged items.

The choice of paints for forged elements

Each of the finished goods has its own final finishing stage - painting. And on what type of paint is chosen, the service life of the structure and appearance will depend.

The main attribute of choosing paint as a by-product for a forged product is metal coating. It is required to understand that there may be roughness at the joints of the metal, and be sure to remember that metal objects are susceptible to rust. Therefore, the main related aspects for selection are highlighted:

  1. Content of anti-corrosion components.
  2. Wide temperature range, as the coating is most often applied in outdoor applications.
  3. High adhesion.
  4. Resistance to collateral damage.
  5. Plasticity of paint - even application to any surface.
  6. Resistant to UV rays - do not fade with discoloration.
  7. For the interior it is worth choosing a non-toxic composition.

In some cases, patina is used when it is necessary to give the effect of antiquity, therefore it is necessary to ensure that the paint does not wear off and does not lose its original color.

Accompanying components for coloring

To start painting work, you will need to clean the surfaces from roughness and degrease. In the Artdeco® online store in the related products section, you can find all the proper components, coatings, cleaners for working with metal:

The appearance of the finished forged product depends largely on the metal processing and the quality of the application of paints and varnishes.

Locks, bolts and decorative items as related products

Every little detail chosen for interior or exterior will reflect the chosen design style. Useful components in the form of a forged door lock, fittings or a decorative bolt can be purchased in Kiev and delivered throughout Ukraine.

Forged items from Artdeco® are not only reliable products from the manufacturer, but also a harmonious addition to the decor. The main criteria for forging elements can be distinguished:

Forging catalogs contain all the necessary information, as well as all the elements are on the site, where you can see not only samples, but also view the characteristics.

Plasma cutting

The manufacturing company provides products made by plasma cutting of metal:

Plasma cutting allows the production of related products for the production of finished metal structures, as an addition or use of the central figure of the structure.

This type of cutting allows you to quickly and efficiently process metal with minimal impact on the environment. Finished products have a high accuracy with the manufacture of geometric shapes and shapes, with repeatability up to an accuracy of 0.25 mm.

Products are manufactured according to previously prepared drawings, which are included in the cutting program.

Elements can be selected on the site of any thickness and configuration.

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