Forged benches from the manufacturer
2021-04-26 16:01:20Forged benches from the manufacturer

Garden furniture is a very important feature of private property - it provides the necessary comfort to the owners and guests, and is also a wonderful decoration for the landscape. In addition, the metal wrought iron garden bench has a high level of strength, so you do not have to worry about the safety of furniture during a vacation in the countryside.

Bench in the garden – design or convenience?

Agree, there should be at least one place in the garden for pleasant gatherings. After deciding to buy a bench, the next question arises – which one to choose? Not everyone pays enough attention to what the structures are made of.

But this forged piece of landscape design stands in the open air all year round. In such conditions, it is better to choose high-quality products made from natural and reliable materials, for example, forged benches. If you look back over several decades (or even centuries), you can see that forged benches have always stood along linden or oak avenues, as well as paths in city parks and in private estates of wealthy people. They are reliable, strong and very durable. It is these qualities that make them in demand in our time. Wrought iron garden furniture gives us a special joy when we can relax and enjoy the warm rays of the sun, sitting on a bench or in an atmospheric company around a chic and practical wrought iron barbecue. Wrought iron benches will decorate the landscape of your site. You can always rely on it or sit down at any time of the day or night.

All-metal, with a wooden seat or even with a wooden back, forged benches have long become a welcome item for any resident of a private house. Forged benches in Ukraine are an integral element of landscape design. They do an excellent job with their main function as a vacation spot and give the site a prestigious, elegant and quite respectable look, complementing the overall style of the landscape.

An important problem for the buyer of forged products is the problem of choice. Exquisite and exclusive benches are expensive, but sold in bulk do not have much charm. They are often just uncomfortable, so resting on them is not a pleasure. Artdeco solves this problem by creating unusual, unique and comfortable garden benches from art forging, which are offered to you at the most affordable prices.

Bench – the highlight of a garden or park area

The power base of any park bench or metal bench for the garden is a solid metal structure, which, after manufacturing, is coated with special paint and varnishes with increased resistance to weathering. This approach allows for the longest possible service life of forged elements.

In addition, the shop, if desired, can be decorated with any kind of patterns and ornaments. In the role of the rack-and-pinion component of the structure, as a rule, there are surfaces made of coniferous species of wood. It is recommended to treat them with an antiseptic. Plus, all wooden elements are dried in the factory, and then decorative tinting is applied, then paint and varnish.

An excellent addition to the bench will be, for example, a metal table, stands for flowers, a brazier or a wood stove, as well as any other garden furniture.

An important point – all Artdeco forged benches are of high quality, have a pleasant appearance and perfectly tolerate any weather, be it severe frosts in winter or summer heat. In addition, our benches are waterproof. Another important feature of this type of furniture is its relatively heavy weight, which significantly reduces the risk of damage.

We offer a wide range of standard solutions that can be found in the company's catalog.

How are forged benches made?

Convenient attributes of personal plots, capable of giving status, exclusivity and respectability to the design of the garden. They will be an excellent decoration for open green areas, gazebos or alleys.

Artistic forging is a complex and time-consuming process that requires high skill and outstanding talent. Forged products are manufactured on high-tech European press-forging equipment. With the help of such devices, it is possible to produce large quantities of high quality products in a short period of time. The company offers to buy forged benches made by cold and hot forging. In the first case, the metal (high-quality steel or high-strength alloy) is processed on special machines until the desired shape is obtained, and in the second, it is heated, after which it is given the shape specified by the designer. In the manufacture of products, various options for embossing, crimping and painting are used, and the price depends on the complexity of the work.