Forged wickets

Post of gates / wickets 2000х40х25 - picture
33.150 In stock
536.76 грн.
460.14 грн.
The plank is feigned 2000х40х4 - picture
33.151 In stock
257.88 грн.
232.08 грн.
Forged gates with a wicket 3800х2500 - picture
КВ-40 In stock
15,008.70 грн.
11,885.94 грн.
Forged gates with a wicket 2600х2100 - picture
КВ-44 In stock
8,598.90 грн.
6,826.98 грн.
Forged wicket 1030х2000 - picture
КД-01 In stock
2,423.46 грн.
1,996.20 грн.
Forged wicket 1040х1800 - picture
КД-02 In stock
2,723.04 грн.
2,221.92 грн.
Forged wicket 920х1920(1800) - picture
КД-03 In stock
2,159.52 грн.
1,767.30 грн.
Forged wicket 1070х2000 - picture
КД-04 In stock
4,205.76 грн.
3,437.76 грн.
Forged wicket 1094х2000 - picture
КД-05 In stock
3,318.00 грн.
2,698.86 грн.
Forged wicket 1090х1730 - picture
КД-06 In stock
3,369.12 грн.
2,637.30 грн.
Forged wicket 1250х1800 - picture
КД-07 In stock
4,064.88 грн.
3,304.44 грн.
Forged wicket 920х2120(1850) - picture
КД-08 In stock
4,086.54 грн.
3,255.36 грн.
Forged wicket 1084х1800 - picture
КД-09 In stock
4,169.40 грн.
3,358.14 грн.
Forged wicket 1000х1900 - picture
КД-10 In stock
2,138.34 грн.
1,749.96 грн.
Forged wicket 930х1850 - picture
КД-11 In stock
3,297.06 грн.
2,648.46 грн.
Forged wicket 930х1700 - picture
КД-12 In stock
1,972.56 грн.
1,624.56 грн.

Original forged gates, individual forged fences, massive fences are very inexpensive to operate and have always been appreciated for their reliability. Durable metal gives you a sense of real protection. However, today even strong heavy metal structures are becoming graceful and beautiful thanks to the art of artistic forging.

With the help of the development of new technologies, today you can easily create something unique and very beautiful from metal. Wonderful forged gates, examples of which are presented in this section of our website, are proof of this! Forged elements from the forging manufacturer Artdeco® can be used to bring to life unique design solutions.

Wrought iron gates – inexpensive, reliable

Modern forged gates are good for everyone: they have an aesthetic appearance, are very reliable, durable and are relatively  inexpensive. There is one more pleasant news for Artdeco® clients. You can buy forged elements for a gate at a good discount. If the purchase volume is significant, then the discount will be from 5% to 25%! Artdeco® managers will help you choose ready-made forged elements that will certainly be needed for the implementation of your project.

In the private sector of each city, as well as in urban areas, you can often see wrought-iron gates, interesting wrought-iron gazebos, unusual unique wrought-iron railings, rosettes and brackets. If we are talking about an antique-styled hotel, restaurant, bar or cafe, then forged products are even more the place.

Buy wrought iron gates

If you are looking for a worthy offer to protect your home, office, restaurant, hotel or territory from uninvited guests, we will gladly offer you our products. Wrought iron gates and many other products can be assembled from more than two thousand forging elements from the Artdeco® company.

Since 2005, our company has been producing and supplying to all regions of Ukraine forged elements for creating all kinds of metal structures. In our assortment there are many forged elements, from which you can create forged gates of any configuration and design, as well as complement this product with a forged fence, unique forged fences (we are talking about both forged balcony fences and original forged stair fences) and other metal structures ...

Among all the variety of our products, we offer forged elements for gates. A beautiful gate is an indispensable element when it comes to a private courtyard of a cottage, summer house, plot, restaurant or hotel. It is forged fences - gates, fences, gates that simultaneously perform the functions of protection from uninvited guests and decoration of the exterior to attract the attention of those whom you are glad to.

From our forging elements, you can create unique forged gates with openwork monograms, thin rods, elements of wildlife and other  most diverse decor. Forged products keep your territory cozy. At the same time, the unique wicket attracts to look, and what is there – behind it.

Beautiful wrought-iron gates are wonderful decorative elements. Agree, without a beautiful metal structure, the territory looks somewhat unfinished, while when using forged gates, fences, fences, gates, all the accents are in place!

How to order wrought iron gates

The selection of forged products on our website is really huge. However, not every our client can imagine how the finished forged product will look like, for example, the same forged gate. Especially for our clients, we offer the service of a professional design project. When purchasing forged elements in our company, you will receive a sketch of your future forged gate from our designers.

Call our managers right now - they will help you choose the right elements for your product. It will be enough to specify the dimensions and sketch a simple freehand sketch.

We guarantee the high quality of each item. If you want to make the exterior of your country house or plot unique, the Artdeco® company and our forged gates will help you a lot. Our specialists work only for you! We are looking forward to your order today!

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