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Forged panel 1000х315х14х7 - picture
15.201 In stock
552.66 грн.
427.08 грн.
Forged panel 1000х620х14х7 - picture
15.202 In stock
849.78 грн.
656.64 грн.
Forged panel 1000х530х12 smooth - picture
15.203 In stock
734.58 грн.
540.66 грн.
Forged panel 1000х800х12 smooth - picture
15.204 In stock
673.74 грн.
495.84 грн.
Forged panel 700х500х12 smooth - picture
15.205 In stock
441.36 грн.
324.78 грн.
Forged panel 700х1477х12 smooth - picture
15.206 In stock
1,174.86 грн.
864.66 грн.
Forged panel 585х1510х14х7/12х6 - picture
15.207 In stock
937.02 грн.
766.68 грн.
Forged panel 600х1500х12/12х6 - picture
15.208 In stock
792.30 грн.
617.34 грн.
Forged panel 600х1500х12/12х6 - picture
15.209 In stock
810.54 грн.
631.56 грн.
Forged panel 605х1805х12/12х6 - picture
15.210 In stock
1,487.88 грн.
1,159.44 грн.
Forged panel 600х1200х12 - picture
15.211 In stock
957.48 грн.
746.04 грн.
Forged panel  400х815х20 beaten - picture
15.212 In stock
784.98 грн.
611.64 грн.
Forged panel  400х1640х20 beaten - picture
15.213 In stock
1,483.74 грн.
1,156.14 грн.
Forged panel  400х815х20 beaten - picture
15.214 In stock
560.10 грн.
436.44 грн.
Forged panel  400х1640х20 beaten - picture
15.215 In stock
1,149.72 грн.
895.86 грн.
Forged panel  600х1500х400х20 beaten - picture
15.216 In stock
822.96 грн.
641.34 грн.

Forged panels from the manufacturer

From the first days of the appearance of metal, people have become accustomed to the fact that, due to its strength and reliability, it greatly facilitates its physical labor. However, with the development of blacksmithing, artistic forging also appeared. Craftsmen began to make beautiful decorative items, transforming metal into frozen openwork lace, which remained as strong as possible.

Openwork exquisite and luxurious furniture, chandeliers, candlesticks and other metal products not only delighted the eye with their attractiveness, but also served their owners for more than one generation. They have become a real decoration of palaces and wealthy houses. Many examples of decorative forging were used not only to make forged items, but also to decorate a mansion, house or fence. Surprisingly attractive metal structures made of forging can be seen in many private sectors, fences of residential complexes and office buildings, in the manufacture of which forged panels, linings and all kinds of elements of artistic decorative forging are used.

Forged panels as part of the structure 

Incredibly, craftsmen often used prefabricated elements and panels in the manufacture of openwork furniture, balcony railings and fences. Surprisingly attractive decorative panels are often used as countertops for tea and coffee tables, which serve as the basis for a small hanger for clothes and other pieces of furniture. But very often forged panels are used to create a design on a construction site or as a decorative element in a room.

The use of various designs from artistic forging today allows designers and architects to create and manufacture new masterpieces of frozen metal from an ordinary staircase or shelf. Small coverings, such as overlays, carry not only aesthetic, but also functional load and ensure the operation of gates and doors.

Blacksmiths today offer many different types of blacksmith panels, made according to the sketches of designers. Each of these elements testifies to the professionalism of the master who puts a piece of his soul into this.

Nowadays, details of artistic forging are increasingly used in the design of squares. Each piece can be described as unique. They decorate the streets, parks and houses of many Ukrainian cities and villages and give the overall appearance of the houses a special character and style.

The Artdeco® company offers exquisite forged panels and coverings, the design of which was based on sketches, in which our blacksmiths applied the experience of past generations and skillfully brought the beauty of the local nature into each product.

To maintain the style of any architectural ensemble, blacksmiths can produce finely interwoven drawings of forged structures according to the sketches of the designers, which in turn confirms their high professionalism.

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