Window bars

Forged grate 1500x1500 mm - picture
КР-01 In stock
2,243.94 грн.
1,885.08 грн.
Forged grate 1400x1600 - picture
КР-02 In stock
2,906.46 грн.
2,252.64 грн.
Forged grate 935х1075 - picture
КР-03 In stock
1,817.28 грн.
1,509.90 грн.
Forged grate 1000х2000 - picture
КР-04 In stock
3,439.62 грн.
2,758.20 грн.
Forged grate 1000х1500 - picture
КР-05 In stock
2,068.80 грн.
1,642.20 грн.
Forged grate 980х2140 - picture
КР-06 In stock
2,781.60 грн.
2,226.24 грн.
Forged grate 1560х1790 - picture
КР-07 In stock
3,997.62 грн.
3,189.30 грн.
Forged grate 984x1024 - picture
КР-08 In stock
1,326.96 грн.
1,017.36 грн.
Forged grate 960х1075 - picture
КР-09 In stock
1,082.52 грн.
854.28 грн.
Forged grate 980х2024 - picture
КР-10 In stock
2,679.66 грн.
2,094.48 грн.
Forged grate 960х1400 - picture
КР-11 In stock
1,494.42 грн.
1,193.70 грн.
Forged grate 850x1500 - picture
КР-12 In stock
1,481.76 грн.
1,207.26 грн.
Forged grate 1400x1600 - picture
КР-13 In stock
1,644.48 грн.
1,346.82 грн.
Forged grate 1386х1246 - picture
КР-14 In stock
2,766.78 грн.
2,217.42 грн.
Forged grate 928x1200(1430) - picture
КР-15 In stock
1,274.76 грн.
998.16 грн.
Forged grate 1245x1180 - picture
КР-16 In stock
2,199.84 грн.
1,696.68 грн.

It is very easy to create unique lattices for windows using ready-made forged elements of the Artdeco® company. You can also make any other forged lattice, for example, for fencing a site, a house or its territory. This section contains projects of how high-quality gratings on windows look like, made in the classic versions "onion" - with curved rods (the so-called curved gratings or convex gratings), as well as in the standard version - straight gratings on windows and for other designs ... In addition, you can familiarize yourself with sketches of various ready-made elements of gratings, with the help of which you can realize beautiful forged fences, various fences and other metal structures.

Unique wrought iron window grilles

Please note that non-standard window grilles are also available for ordering from Artdeco®: round, half oval and other shapes. We offer, among other things, the best options for decorations for wrought iron grates on windows that can only be - various leaves, curls, spikes, rosettes and much more.

If you are attracted by the beauty, sophistication and functionality of forged products, it's time to look into our online store! After all, only here you will find a favorable combination of price and quality, beauty and practicality - you can buy inexpensive lattices for  windows or for other structures from us. Delivery of products is provided throughout Ukraine. 

The most beautiful lattices on the windows are original products that will bring freshness, dynamism and make it more attractive to your everyday environment. Lattices are created not only to ensure safety in the house, but also in order to harmoniously arrange the window frame, emphasize the design of the premises.

In our list of sketches, you can find product options for window grills that show classic moods (strict lines, minimalism style) and modern trends in interior design (extravagant onlays, racks, forged decorative elements, intricate curls). The best craftsmen work on the manufacture of such excellent forged products. Our clients call their creations masterpieces, so they order not only retail, but also wholesale. 

Wrought iron grates

Quite often, our clients need to decorate not only the windows, but also the area around the house, to decorate the first floor of the building. Owners of bars, restaurants, various clubs also turn to us in order to decorate their premises with wrought iron bars, because it is not only practical and beautiful, but also quite affordable. Lattices on windows from Artdeco® will serve for several decades.

The reliability of the metal, its durability is a guarantee that the most beautiful lattices on the windows will become not only a decoration, but also a full-fledged protection from uninvited guests. The choice of options is really huge! With the help of ready-made forged elements from the manufacturer, you can implement any interior or exterior solution.

Having looked through our sketches, you can see the variety of forms and possibilities for the implementation of your project. The areas and solutions where forged gratings are used are endless! In our assortment there are many options for forged lattices with figured ornaments and patterns. You can purchase forged lattices for fencing a territory, building, decoration of an institution, house or plot.

Order forged lattices on windows

If you have any questions about the above schemes or want to see how the final forged product will look like using Artdeco® forging elements, our managers will create a free design project for you. Be sure to call us to get a detailed consultation. Before ordering window grilles, our managers will certainly offer options for implementing your project, delve into the project and offer the best solution!

When purchasing forged lattices for fencing a house, territory, plot, decor, or unique lattices for windows, you buy not only the forged elements themselves, but also a high level of service. We provide delivery of forged products to all regions of Ukraine. We are waiting for your order. Call us today!

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