Forged fencing sections

Fence Section 1000x2000x12 - picture
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Fence Section 1000x2000x12 - picture
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Structures are the most beautiful way of blocking a site. Check out the photos of forged fencing sections. This metal structure reliably protects the environment.

Forged fences are delicate and delicate metal products created using forging equipment. They are made in the form of separate sections, which, after installation, form a fence for a garden, a summer residence, a country house and other territories. Simple welded fences with forged elements transform the area around the house.

What wrought iron fences can you choose?

You can choose the most convenient design based on the wishes of the owner of the site. First you need to understand for what purpose the barriers should be installed?

If they perform a protective function, then you can make the base monolithic, and decorate the top of the section with forged peaks, spiers going up.

The second option is decorative fences. The choice of such a fence is more aesthetic than protective. At the same time, it is possible to perform the entire metal structure in the style in which the landscape adjoining design is developed.

Fences have been standing for more than a dozen years, protecting your object from intruders and pleasing the eye with an original design. Therefore, to decorate the territory, you need to order this type of fence.

The third group of fences combines two protective and decorative options. Simple welded profiles are combined with original handcrafted forged parts. Such a fence can be bought at a good price. For large territories, this choice will be the most acceptable.

Why is a wrought iron fence better?

Not everyone likes concrete structures over two meters high. They can be faced with brick or clinker, but the price does not correspond to its appearance. Giant fences turn a country house into a bunker and very few people like it.

Budget fences from a profiled sheet will save family expenses, but not for long. If this is used at a construction site, then this type of fence is installed there temporarily, but for a private house it is just a waste of budgetary funds. Because this type of fencing is not installed for long, including correct installation will also cost a waste, but you can forget about reliability.

Forged fencing sections are made of solid metal. They are reliable and resistant to temperature extremes and precipitation. The structure should be painted afterwards with anti-corrosion primer and paints. As a result, metal structures serve for a very long time. No care is required for them, except for periodically cleaning the fence from dust and dirt.

Attackers will not be able to damage metal parts. Despite the delicacy and apparent fragility, it is impossible to enter the site through the gaps in the sections.

Advantages of a wrought iron fence:

Section selection

The manufacturer Artdeco has been making forged metal structures since 2005. Each of the typical sections can be supplemented with any elements of artistic forging at the request of the owner.

The product catalog contains ready-made template sections that have building codes, standards and dimensions. Each section has a standard price and items. But the designer-designer, at the request of the buyer, can create a design project with the addition of those elements that they like the most and will be appropriate to maintain the style of the landscape.

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