Forged fences

Forged fence 2500х1600 - picture
КО-01 In stock
3,257.58 грн.
2,674.02 грн.
Forged fence 2800х1635 - picture
КО-02 In stock
3,317.64 грн.
2,686.32 грн.
Forged fence 2500х1660 - picture
КО-03 In stock
3,384.54 грн.
2,726.94 грн.
Forged fence 2964х2000 - picture
КО-04 In stock
7,035.54 грн.
5,768.88 грн.
Forged fence 2750х1600 - picture
КО-05 In stock
4,988.40 грн.
4,085.82 грн.
Forged fence 3000х1700 - picture
КО-06 In stock
5,175.30 грн.
4,340.40 грн.
Forged fence 3000х1700 - picture
КО-07 In stock
4,525.14 грн.
3,799.86 грн.
Forged fence 3000х1650 - picture
КО-08 In stock
3,324.78 грн.
2,708.94 грн.
Forged fence 2000х1680 - picture
КО-09 In stock
2,207.58 грн.
1,842.90 грн.
Forged fence 2100х1100 - picture
КО-10 In stock
2,500.86 грн.
2,087.52 грн.
Forged fence 2000х1450 - picture
КО-11 In stock
2,107.38 грн.
1,726.80 грн.
Forged fence 2000х1620 - picture
КО-12 In stock
2,196.54 грн.
1,784.52 грн.
Forged fence 2000х1500 - picture
КО-13 In stock
1,987.98 грн.
1,584.36 грн.
Forged fence 2500х1050 - picture
КО-14 In stock
2,754.24 грн.
2,266.86 грн.
Forged fence 2650х1500 - picture
КО-15 In stock
4,321.98 грн.
3,506.76 грн.
Forged fence 2650х1500 - picture
КО-16 In stock
3,583.74 грн.
2,934.84 грн.

Unique forged fences, as one of the elements of artistic forging, always attract the attention of passers-by on the street. However, wrought-iron fences should not only be a decoration of a house, facade or territory. They carry the function of protection, therefore they must be strong, durable and as reliable as possible.

A worthy example of reliable forged fences are forged elements from the Artdeco® company. Various types of fences are offered to your attention: grilles for windows, fences, forged gates, unique forged lattices, wonderful forged products from ready-made forging elements - all  this will make the fenced area safer and create the necessary atmosphere of design.

Forged fences for a house, plot, cottage

Houses with wrought iron fences - whether they are gates, wrought iron gazebos or awnings - look as if they were brought into our lives from a fairy tale. Beautiful forging creates a special cosiness that attracts all people. You can not only enjoy the wonderful view of wrought iron fences, but also be calm about your safety and your loved ones.

When looking for forged fences at an affordable price, pay attention to the Artdeco® manufacturer. We provide quality and decent service first and foremost. In addition, the prices for finished elements are quite low. Our company offers customers products in this direction, namely - excellent forged products for the house, plot, cottage and any other object of all types and shapes.

Thanks to a convenient Internet resource, all our clients can familiarize themselves with a huge variety of forged items to create. In this section, you can also view sketches of ready-made forged fences and railings that can be implemented for your facility. If you need to see how a product made according to your idea will look like, our managers and designer will be happy to draw up a design project for you.

In our catalogs you will find diagrams and photos of forged fences, gates, gratings, gates, brackets, all kinds of decorative elements and more. If the amount of information about prices, delivery or possible assortment turns out to be insufficient, you can always consult our managers about your order.

Please note: forged fences from our company are made from ready-made forged elements. Due to the huge range of manufactured products, you will be able to implement any fence, which in design, shape and reliability will satisfy all your requirements.

Order forged fences from Artdeco®

On our site you will find fences of a wide variety of designs: from simple to exquisitely complicated. What kind of forged fences need to be realized is up to you! We will provide ready-made forged elements to bring to life any metal structure that you have in mind.

The company's consultants will certainly tell you how best to install this or that product and which items are better to purchase. Any forged fences from the forging manufacturer Artdeko® will serve faithfully for decades, because all our products undergo factory anti-corrosion treatment, additionally, if necessary, are treated with paint, patina and other means.

You can buy forged fences right now, leave a request for the goods directly on our website, or call our managers at the specified phones. We provide delivery to all regions of Ukraine, and we vouch for the quality with our own established reputation over the years! Call and write to us right now, we are waiting for your order!

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