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Design and calculation of structures

Buying or building housing in a cottage community, many are surprised at the need to approve the design of fences and facades of the house itself in the appropriate authorities. Moreover, there are cases that residents are offered a fence project or several options to choose from, in accordance with which they need to erect a fence. This is done supposedly for the benefit of the residents, in order to preserve the harmonious appearance of the streets of the town.

Nevertheless, the owner retains some freedom in the decoration of the fence. And this is good news, because it is the fence that serves as a guide for the guests. This means that no matter what material it is built from, you need to provide it with unique elements. Of course, the design of the fence should be reasonable and practical, and the design should ensure their aesthetics and attractiveness.

No wonder they say that everything in nature develops in a spiral, and the long forgotten old, becomes fashionable and relevant. All this also applies to forged, metal products, in particular fences and fences.

Design of forged fences

Our company offers you various types of metal fencing structures made of artistic forging:

Design and calculation of structures

An experienced structural engineer is working on the creation of reliable barriers. So that they are not only functional, safe, but at the same time maintain lightness, aesthetics and uniqueness of appearance. The Artdeco® piggy bank contains ready-made miscalculations of standard designs, including:

Artistic forging constructions

Metal and forged fences are very popular enclosing structures of the present time; in style and pattern, they make up a single ensemble with the entire territory of the house. Forged enclosing metal structures as a work of art of a good master are a matter of special pride for the owner, which emphasize his position and status. Perhaps, none of the types of fences will bring so much aesthetic pleasure, and do not have as many varieties of patterns as forged fences. They can be made with a complex ornament, which consists of curls and lace, their design can be restrained and simple, it can look like the fence of a medieval castle. Products saturated with artistic elements will certainly attract attention, it is impossible to look away from them, and house fences with a light canvas will reveal the entire architecture of the suburban space of the house and the surrounding landscape.

You can order the service of a designer, designer, constructor by adding the service to the basket. The cost of 30 minutes of the work of a specialist is 150 UAH.

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