Metal structures

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Fence Section 1000x2000x12 - picture
01.001 In stock
1,140.00 грн.
965.04 грн.
Fence Section 1000x2000x12 - picture
01.002 In stock
1,518.78 грн.
1,285.68 грн.
Fence Section 500x2000x12 - picture
01.011 In stock
909.72 грн.
770.16 грн.
Fence Section 500x2000x12 - picture
01.012 In stock
904.26 грн.
765.60 грн.
Forged panel 1000х315х14х7 - picture
15.201 In stock
552.66 грн.
427.08 грн.
Forged panel 1000х620х14х7 - picture
15.202 In stock
849.78 грн.
656.64 грн.
Forged panel 1000х530х12 smooth - picture
15.203 In stock
734.58 грн.
540.66 грн.
Forged panel 1000х800х12 smooth - picture
15.204 In stock
673.74 грн.
495.84 грн.
Forged panel 700х500х12 smooth - picture
15.205 In stock
441.36 грн.
324.78 грн.
Forged panel 700х1477х12 smooth - picture
15.206 In stock
1,174.86 грн.
864.66 грн.
Forged panel 585х1510х14х7/12х6 - picture
15.207 In stock
937.02 грн.
766.68 грн.
Forged panel 600х1500х12/12х6 - picture
15.208 In stock
792.30 грн.
617.34 грн.
Forged panel 600х1500х12/12х6 - picture
15.209 In stock
810.54 грн.
631.56 грн.
Forged panel 605х1805х12/12х6 - picture
15.210 In stock
1,487.88 грн.
1,159.44 грн.
Forged panel 600х1200х12 - picture
15.211 In stock
957.48 грн.
746.04 грн.
Forged panel  400х815х20 beaten - picture
15.212 In stock
784.98 грн.
611.64 грн.

Forged metal structures from Artdeco®

Each structure consists of many links that make up an ideal composition in a consistent style of various directions. Depending on the choice of interior design, exterior of a house or an office building, forged metal structures are designed in a sketch design with many necessary elements and additions.

Artdeco®, as a major manufacturer of forged elements, offers metal structures of various formats and styles.

Design styles with forging metal structures

Each owner of his own home wants to express his individuality in the design of not only the adjoining territory, but also the interior of each room. The creation of a unique and exclusive style in one of the directions will be helped by a designer who will use artistic  forging in metal structures in his project.

Stylistic versatility with decorative forged elements will complement both classic and any avant-garde interior and landscape area.

To create a unique style of designer interior decoration or territory near the house, a few details will be enough in order to  preserve the elegance of tone and harmony.

Metal structures for your home

The Artdeco® website presents sets of elements connected into forged metal structures, which can always be supplemented with other elements to express individuality in design solutions. A designer-designer will be able to draw up a design project, which is then brought to life to complement the style of the interior idea.

Forged metal structures, as examples, are presented on the site, but in addition, it is possible to draw up a design project with other forging elements.

Qualified managers in offices throughout Ukraine will be able to select the ideal and harmonious composition of elements that will make up the metal structure in an individual style.

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