Plastic end caps

Plastic cover 15х15 - picture
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Plastic pipe plugs 

Fittings, which are used to create not only an aesthetic appearance of the completeness of the support, but also perform a protective function, are called pipe plugs.

They are used to isolate the interior space in metal structures when it is necessary to install plastic parts at the end of a pipe or post. Plugs have also found application in landscape design and other areas. Thanks to them, working with metal is much easier and faster. In addition, pipe plugs can be used to complete the design. They are in demand in the manufacture of furniture, decorating tables, cabinets and chairs, are used for metal and aluminum structures, in addition to posts, fences and other types of metal fences.

Scope of plugs

For pillars of circular cross-section, the elements differ in profile and materials from which they are made; pipe plugs also come in different shapes.

The use of parts can be both temporary and permanent: it all depends on the final goals of the work done. For example, when repairing a pipeline, the end holes can be temporarily insulated with caps only for the duration of the repair work.

During transportation, the parts protect the goods from deformation and ingress of debris and moisture. This helps to keep the products intact prior to installation work, which is an example of temporary use.

As an integral part, they are used for depreciation of supports - when designing fences. This is the cheapest and easiest way to seal pipes. As a permanent application, they are used for jamming tubular posts or poles - when erecting fences and partitions made of sheet metal. A simple option is to seal the supports in this case. A wide range of sizes and shapes make it easy to select the connector you want.

Depending on where they are used, they can be classified into the following types:

Plastic caps are easier to install, but fail faster. Steel plugs are more difficult to install, but they are more resistant to high temperatures and corrosive environments.

Reliability and quality of plugs

The presented products comply with ISO 9001: 2000 standards, they are reliable and durable. It is made of high quality polymers and can be used in any climatic conditions. Plugs for profile pipes in Ukraine made of plastic perfectly withstand many years of operation - they are resistant to extreme temperatures, do not corrode and are not afraid of high humidity. Thanks to this, the products have an almost unlimited shelf life, and at the same time are harmless to the environment and human health.

We offer to purchase plugs that will become the finishing touch of gates, gratings, fences decorated with forged elements.

If you are engaged in the production of furniture, it would be best to use round built-in elements with chrome or metallized coating for its decoration. This option will look harmonious. For posts, fences and gates, spherical plugs or in the form of a lens are suitable. They will decorate horizontal bars and exercise equipment. It happens that it is necessary to mask the irregularities of the cut of the pipe, in which case an external plug will come in handy. In turn, they will be useful if the pipe wall thickness is non-standard and the product is difficult to use for an internal position.

The price of pipe plugs varies depending on the size and shape of the elements. The minimum cost is from 0.48 UAH. Artdeco® company offers favorable conditions that will be acceptable to many.

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