Stoppers and post tops

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Cover 30x30х1,2 - picture
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Cover 40х40х1,2 - picture
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Cover with ball 40x40х40 - picture
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Cover 50х50х1,2 - picture
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Cover with ball 50x50x40 - picture
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Cover with ball 50x50x50 - picture
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Cover with ball 50x50x60 - picture
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Cover 60х60х1,2 - picture
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Cover with ball 60x60x50 - picture
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Cover with ball 60х60х60 - picture
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Cover with ball 60x60x80 - picture
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Cover 80х80х1,2 - picture
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Cover with ball 80x80x60 - picture
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Cover with ball 80x80х80 - picture
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Cover 100х100х1,2 - picture
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Cover with ball 100x100x60 - picture
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Functional caps and plugs for forged products

Cover caps for metal posts are an obligatory element of the fence. They play not only an aesthetic role, but also a purely utilitarian one, they cannot be ignored.

The variety of products offered by the Artdeco® manufacturing company includes plugs for bases and surfaces of structures of various configurations.

Why do we need stubs on the posts?

There are three main reasons why pipe surfaces should be covered.

Based on this, it is worth buying caps for metal bases for aesthetic and practical reasons.

Application and benefits of caps

Basically, the parts are used to close the ends of the structures of gates, gates, fences, as well as in any metal products where pipes of various sections are used.

Types of covers and plugs

Among the many coatings available, they fall into different categories.

Depending on the form, they are divided into:

The size of the finished product fully corresponds to the section of the support on which you want to install the part.

Depending on the production method, they are divided into:

Forged end caps for supports fully meet the wishes of the customer, as they are manufactured in full accordance with standard drawings and fabrication of structures. Such parts differ from plastic products in that they can be equipped with various types of decorative elements with different lines and shapes. But this support protection is more expensive than a sealed plastic cover.

Depending on the manufacturing method, the products are divided into:

Protection made of plastic is primarily intended for concrete pillars and steel, and metal - for erected brick, stone or concrete supports.

Which covers and plugs to buy?

The choice is not very large, but even the most modern polymers on metal look foreign. Forged elements will allow you to solve in a single style the entire ensemble of a fence, railings or any design without highlighting any of the elements. The graceful pipe cover will be the "finishing touch" that logically completes the process, giving the result of the work a complete harmonious look.

On the Artdeko website you will find covers and plugs of the most demanded sizes for round and shaped products, with balls and without decor. Here you can buy a wide assortment of ball parts for covering all types of surfaces used as fence posts, gates and fences, as well as in the manufacture of forged furniture.

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