Forged peaks

Forged spear 160x63x24 - picture
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Forged spear 110x55x25 - picture
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Forged spear 110x48x18 - picture
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Forged spear 100x45x12 - picture
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Forged spear 125x55x15 - picture
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Forged spear 125х104х12 - picture
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Forged spear 110x60x20 - picture
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Forged spear 130x70x20 - picture
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Forged spear 122х57х12 - picture
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Forged spear 130x60x12 - picture
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Forged spear 130x60x12 - picture
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Forged spear 155x70x17 - picture
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Forged spear 80x45x20 - picture
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Forged spear 120x55x20 - picture
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Forged spear 112х57х20 - picture
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Forged spear 115x58x20 - picture
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Forged spearhead from the manufacturer

This forging element got its name from its direct relative, the combat lance, which was used as a weapon. Fences used to be decorated with these attributes so that the enemy  would not invade property. The spearhead was a symbol of strength and cunning, it was depicted on many coats of arms of knights and family dynasties.

Forged lance plays a decorative role, transforming the appearance of gates and shutters, giving completeness to the structure.

There are many options for the use and application of these details, how much fantasy is played out, or interior and exterior decoration in the style of neoclassicism or gothic. Our craftsmen embody their original ideas in metal and do not get tired of experimenting with models and forms of implementation.

Spearhead making process

The forging procedure is a magic that bewitches and delights. But in order for the product to be durable, not corroded for a long time and not damaged during welding, it is important to strictly observe all stages of the technological side of production and use high-quality raw materials.

You can buy forged fence picks from a variety of metals. In most cases, we work with a round or square square, which is most suitable for artistic forging, resulting in excellent decorations for gates, gates and other structures.

Forging a lance is a complex process that only experienced craftsmen can handle. Our team consists of specialists with many years of experience who know all the intricacies of working with metal.

We offer the purchase of forged picks for gates, lattices or fences. Massive products that will emphasize status, graceful decor elements that will become the embodiment of the refined taste of the owners - the Artdeco® manufacturer will be able to help everyone by presenting the best version of the product.

Spearhead – completion of the structure

When installing the product, you should focus on the combination of design, for example, flat forged tips are best placed on the gratings of a balcony or windows. They do not weigh down the look of the product and are great for small fences. Small details also help to create a complete and harmonious overall picture that fits into the interior and exterior concept of the projected home. However, large volumetric spearheads are suitable for tall fences and gates. On our site you can choose products and buy forged items in minutes.

An important plus when buying from us is that you can choose a variety of forging elements that are made in the same style that you need. Therefore, you do not have to worry that any of the elements will not fit in design and decor. Forged spearheads are original decorative metal elements with a pointed end that resembles a petal. With their help, the product gets a finished look, its massiveness is emphasized. A subject that complements the overall combination with spearheads often acquires notes of Gothic, offshoots of futurism and neoclassicism.

Functions of cast and forged elements

Forging and casting allows for a wide variety of picks that serve two functions:

First of all, forged spearheads are used to impart a protective function to fences. And if the structures are equipped with gates and wickets, which are also decorated with spearheads to create a harmonious combination.

Spearheads often complement lawn and front garden fences, balconies and porches, verandas and terraces.

Window grilles, supplemented by spearheads, are a reliable means of protecting a home, including they can decorate the roof and fences of the gazebo.

If you wish, you can decorate with elements almost any product. This is facilitated by a wide assortment and selection on the site from the manufacturer.

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