Forged shields

Shield 120x50x4 - picture
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Shield 145x60x4 - picture
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Shield 200x85x4 - picture
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Shield 250х110х5 - picture
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Shield  97х87х2 - picture
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Shield 52х3 - picture
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Shield 105х37х3 - picture
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Shield 205x105x2 - picture
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Shield 270х125х2 - picture
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Shield 320х140х2 - picture
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Shield 320х98х2 - picture
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Shield 273х105х2 - picture
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Shield 285x155x2 - picture
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Shield 285x155x2 - picture
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Shield 314х116х2 - picture
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Forged fences

Doors are primarily designed to protect our homes from theft and intrusion. Today, you can also protect your home in an unusual and original way: with the help of decorative forged strips, which allow you to give a simple metal door an aesthetic look and make it visually attractive.

Due to their variety, forging elements are actively used in the manufacture and decoration of various products. Certain categories of items are more functional, so they are used to complement a variety of designs, styles and sizes. These types include overlays, the use of which can add elegance and expressiveness to the product.

Basic functions of overlays

Decorative elements of artistic forging, of course, will not make the door stronger. However, made of forged metal, these accessories have a psychological effect on a person, forming a certain external perception of doors. Surfaces decorated with patterns are automatically associated in our minds with the era of knights and the solid and reliable gates of medieval castles.

The forging on the door is surprisingly durable and will serve the owners for a long time. You will have to try very hard to leave a scratch on the durable metal.

These accessories can be used for surfaces of any design and style. Also, with the help of decorative details, any old door will become like new!

Created in the most bizarre shapes and patterns, they will ideally fit into any architectural form of the yard and garden: gazebos, street lights, balconies, awnings and other structures.

Components on the door plane must in no case prevent it from closing firmly. This is, first of all, a design decision. They are designed to embody a wide variety of ideas in the interior and demonstrate the impeccable taste of the owner of the house.

Types and forms of overlays in decor

Details are decorative elements that create vibrant and vibrant patterns. In addition, they serve to combine individual structures of a product or ornament into a single composition.

Forged overlays have various shapes: in the form of geometric shapes, flowers, leaves, plants, fruits, insects and animals, as well as abstract and arbitrary configurations. Volumetric elements that are distinguished by naturalness are in demand.

Components may be found as a design element of different products, which will add charm to the look, add a touch of aristocracy, and make the design individual.

Elements can be ordered on the website of the manufacturer Artdeco®. In order to place an order, you will need to put the product in the basket and fill out the sender's data and delivery address.

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