Forged rivets

Rivet 24х18х6 - picture
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Rivet 24х24х6 - picture
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Rivet 36х18х6 - picture
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Rivet 32х21х10 - picture
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Rivet 28х17х4 - picture
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Rivet 28х20х4 - picture
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Rivet 28х25х4 - picture
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Rivet 28х30х4 - picture
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Rivet 28х25х25х4 - picture
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Forged rivets from the manufacturer

Forged products and their application in design and style play an important role today, and in many cases it is absolutely impossible to do without forged rivets as a camouflage element. And one thing to consider from the start is that design is a major part of the process when creating these products. All for the reason that when a customer presents a finished sketch of a future product, he will be able to calculate the number and cost of forged elements, as well as what percentage of manual work will be used in this case and what is the total cost of work with the product.

Elements of decorative art forging are not just a direction associated with metal processing, it is a continuous creative flight towards metal processing. These are unique design ideas, not non-standard solutions to complex problems posed by the customer. In other words, all this can be called the "flight of fantasy" of the master, who embodies the most sophisticated ideas into reality.

The use of rivets in decor

At some point in the twentieth century, elements of artistic forging were temporarily forgotten and abandoned. All this is due to the fact that conveyor production was developing against the background of forged products, so forging and exclusive metal objects were out of the question. Time passed, and the craftsmen and blacksmiths did not stand still. They found time for their favorite work and discovered the unique beauty and sophistication of this type of product. And there is no doubt that forged exclusive items have received a good boost today and are in demand by everyone, regardless of their financial situation. And this fact is absolutely easy to explain, because the products are made directly by cold forging and are multifunctional.

Forged rivets are actively used in the manufacture of metal products. Thanks to the wide variety of heads, they are perfect for decorative purposes Traditionally, the main purpose of their use is to connect the details of the structure of products to each other.

The advantage of rivets

The use of this type of fittings in the manufacture of products plays a huge role, therefore there are many advantages that can be distinguished for this type of component.

The main advantages of rivets include:

The area of ​​application is quite extensive – they are used to connect forged parts and their design. Where the rivets are used depends on their size.

  1. Small rivets are used to fasten and decorate items such as doorknobs, letter boxes and others.
  2. Parts of medium diameter are used in the manufacture of mirrors, paintings, barbecues and so on.
  3. Large models have found application in forged fences, doors, gates, benches and the like.

Buying or ordering forged rivets has never been easier. You can view the assortment on the website in the appropriate size.

The abundance of shapes and sizes of art forging parts makes them ideal for decorating metal products. Also, they do an excellent job with their main function – fixing the constituent structure of the structure.

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