Forged rings

Ring 100x12x6 - picture
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Ring 120x12x6 - picture
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Ring 150x12x6 - picture
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Ring 100x12x6 beaten - picture
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Ring 150x12x6 beaten - picture
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Ring 120x12x6 - picture
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Ring 120х14х7 - picture
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Ring 120x12x6 beaten - picture
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Ring 120x12x6 beaten - picture
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Ring 100x12 - picture
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Ring 120x12 - picture
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Ring 150x12 - picture
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Ring 170x12 - picture
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Ring 100x12 beaten - picture
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Ring 120x12 beaten - picture
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Ring 150x12 beaten - picture
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Forged rings from the manufacturer

Round products made of specially shaped sheet metal are forged rings. They can be part of a more complex forged figure or be independent decorative elements. Depending on the purpose, rings of different diameters are used.

They are used mainly in the external structures of fences, railings, fences and are harmoniously combined with curls, volutes and other decorative details. Rings are indispensable in the manufacture of canopies with openings, stands for flower pots, awnings, benches and other structures.

Rings – as an element of artistic forging

Any ornate pattern that looks airy and sophisticated brings joy. Nowadays, it is a miracle when a simple thing or product is changed, trying on forged parts in the structure. Such patterns can hide flaws, highlight advantages and decorate any product.

How can you decorate your interior and exterior, or give old structures new life and inspiration? In principle, it's simple - to add individual forging elements. You can turn an ordinary gate into a piece of art by adding wonderful patterns. You can add forged peaks, and decorate the canvas with patterns. The final stage will be an exquisite handle. Forged items will transform your pavilion into a fairytale palace. To do this, you can use a vine with grapes on metal racks. And replace simple slate with polycarbonate. If you want to change the shop, it is enough to put on the elements of artistic forging.

Design with forged elements – rings

If a piece is created first, it looks great and looks amazing. This process is time consuming and costly, but it pays off. But if you want to surround yourself with beauty, and you do not have enough financial resources, our specialists have created special details made with forging, which will ennoble the interior and existing furniture. These items can be purchased in pieces.

Forged items are made by cold or hot forging. Cold forging is a mechanical operation without heating using machine tools. Hot embossed details are very exclusive. They take their shape due to different temperatures and human resources. In this case, there is no template for such elements, because it all depends on your imagination. Each piece has a unique configuration, both symmetrical and asymmetrical.

If you want to decorate the interior around you with exquisite things, remember that this is a great activity and just choose the style of performance. Petals, curls, buds are suitable for the flower theme - this is the main part of the future masterpiece. If you like the baroque style, then monograms and forged rings will give your designs a sophisticated look. And here you will need to use clarity and symmetry. Products are successfully combined with wood and glass. Forging in combination with wood gives a feeling of comfort. Stained-glass windows and forging look quite rich and luxurious. The room, which uses the most modern building materials, can complement its interior with forged products and furniture. But the most common forged rings are in personal plots.

We have an extensive catalog of products, thanks to which you can easily add sophistication to your home.

Thanks to them, anyone can buy and modify designs or create new ones.

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