Forged railings, Handrails, Railing ends

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Wrought iron railings, handrails, endings and turns in the interior and exterior

Wrought iron stair railings are becoming more and more popular, because an elegant staircase is able to transform the appearance of even the most ordinary typical building and give it originality.

Today, the role of forged railings, handrails, endings and turns from forging in the architectural design of the interior is very great. Simple and elegant, graceful and light, the railings are the pivot around which the unique image of an apartment or house is woven.

Elegant wrought iron railings with decorative ends and graceful turns will create the atmosphere of an exquisite palace, moreover, wrought iron railings are stylishly combined with any material - stone, marble, wood. Therefore, all the details of the staircase must be consistent in the same style, and their quality must be at a high level, otherwise the design will give the impression of incompleteness and unreliability.

Handrails – secure support for the entire building

Decorating a wrought-iron staircase with such handrails is again becoming a fashionable and popular solution for home improvement. Such a support has no competitors in terms of strength and reliability. After all, the upper part of the fence material should be strong, smooth, not chipping on the fingers and not sticking to clothes. Handrails combine the best characteristics of a ladder support.

Metal handrails are very practical because the material lends itself well to processing. Forged ends will fit perfectly into any openings, and the turns will be in harmony with the non-standard curves of the stairs. Forged railings, handrails, endings can be selected taking into account the architectural features of the building or complex.

In most cases, lacquered wood is used as the surface. If you have an irresistible desire to make a work of art out of your stairs, you  should choose wrought iron railings. Complex shapes, many bends, turns, graceful endings, exclusive craftsmanship will help to make any interior fantasy come true. Stair railings will help decorate the structure inside and out.

Artistic hand forging is expensive, but the choice of products is so great that you can buy decorative items for any wallet. Endings, interesting turns, and stylish forged railings, differ depending on the complexity of the execution and the manufacturing method.

Wrought iron railing on the balcony

Balcony railing made of art forging is an elegant result of architectural and design tasks. The beauty and strength of metal gives a new dimension to everyday architectural solutions.

A balcony with a wrought iron fence looks much more elegant and aesthetically pleasing than any others. In addition, it is a traditional type of fencing that has come down to us since ancient times. The technology of manufacturing products from forging has practically not changed, only the processes of supplying labor are automated, but the main burden falls on the craftsmen. How the forged element will be processed depends on the handwork of the blacksmith.

The stylistic selection of balconies is diverse, you can recreate the design of any era. Antique lovers can also order metal aging with a patina to create an antique effect. At the same time, the patination of the metal for the balcony does not affect the quality and its strength indicators in any way.

Fences can have a convex shape and form a kind of basket filled with various patterns. This form of balcony decoration is especially suitable for the Rococo and Baroque styles. Styles Hi-Tech, Modern, Loft, Eclectic are more committed to straight geometric lines without pretentiousness. However, the curved shape allows you to visually increase the space, which is sometimes very useful.

Railing ends for structures 

The rounded-off handrails have an interesting design. Original designed modules should be used as filling. The smoothness of the lines of the endings looks elegant and sophisticated in the interior of the room, especially in a private house.

Graceful and refined endings of stair handrails will not only decorate the interior, but also make the construction of staircase and any other fencing complete and exclusive.

In order to choose the best option for interior decor or exterior landscape design, there is an opportunity to consult a manager who will select a model for you.

On the website of the Artdeco® manufacturer, you can buy ready-made handrails without posts and balusters, wall handrails, including adjustable models.

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