Forged ornaments of plants

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Forged plant ornaments

It's no secret that iron is one of the most durable materials. It is not for nothing that he is so closely connected with us in all spheres of our being. He surrounds us from all sides. Metal products fill our interior and exterior. Forged products very harmoniously decorate the decor. They will fill our environment with a certain grace and subtlety. Forged flowers and plant ornaments make any door bloom, and it already looks as if it is not a door, but some kind of magical flower garden, as if you are immersed in the arms of nature. Forged elements in the form of plant ornaments have been used for centuries to add beauty to essential and indescribable things like grills or doors, filling them with life.

If there is a desire to create something “alive” and at the same time exquisite: forging is the right choice !!!

To do this, you need only a few steps: go to the page of the Artdeco® online store, buy forged flowers, leaves, plant details, add ornaments to them and assemble a composition to your liking.

Where is ornament forging used?

The most beautiful and natural elements of forging are plant motifs. They can be used in various interior items and decoration of landscape design: candlesticks, sconces, chandeliers, balusters, stairs, gates, gates, doors, fences, displays, supports and other structures.

The splendor of traditional designs made of artistic forging is largely due to the use of original decorative additions that combine geometric and floral details of the ornament. Traditionally, since ancient times, forging has been considered an art, not a craft. And the products that come out of the hands of real blacksmithing masters serve as additional confirmation of this fact. After all, almost any element today is distinguished by the presence of various additions - textures, ornaments, giving individuality even to existing details. And if initially such elements are not provided, you can always buy flowers, leaves, plants, patterns as an addition to the main decor. And create an original composition of forged products to your taste.

Floral ornament helps the master to create unique strands of forged lace in one composition. Forged and cast elements of floral ornamentation, compiled into one openwork pattern, give metal structures the uniqueness of the frozen beauty of floral weaves.

Compositions of plants in artistic forging

Forged compositions using plants and trees always look interesting. Depending on the idea of ​​the master, fabulous, fantastic or more realistic incarnations of trees, plants, leaves can prevail. Such elements look great and harmonious in various interiors, do not burden the space, and are suitable for dividing rooms into zones, for example, decorative grilles and doors.

It should also be noted that in all civilizations of the world, trees and plant ornaments are considered a symbol of development, progress and the origin of life, which is fully consistent with the concept of creating a positive atmosphere in the house and will not create the effect of depressing space.

The versatility of plant patterns is mainly due to the fact that there are no repeating ideal elements in nature, all lines are different, but natural. It is these facts that make floral compositions emotional and unique, allowing blacksmiths to move away from the same repetitive patterns and curls. Each leaf, loop, looks different and is different from each other.

The feasibility of using floral patterns is relevant in many cases, but one should not forget that certain patterns must be combined with a complete combination of design, only in this case they can become a good addition to the existing interior or decorate the facade of a building.

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