Forged staples, banding swage

Flat bar 2200x15x2 - picture
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Banding swage 15x2x12 - picture
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Crimp strip, forged staples for steel structures

For the convenience of the user or forging workshops, crimp strips, forged staples are used as a detail in the creation and completion of metal structures.

The crimp strip, or staple, is a steel strip. It can be used as a decorative element or to strengthen the structure itself.

In most cases, the material is used to create:

You can use the crimp brackets on any art forged structure and give each fence a complete look.

Staple application

In popular slang, the strip is known more as a crimp, or a steel crimp clamp. It is mainly used to hide seams after welding, and in some cases to tie parts in a product. When using a crimp material, a semblance of a manual method of manufacturing a product is created. It is used in almost all types of forged products, both in landscape design and in the interior, including in the production of staircase structures, forged furniture, balcony railing, interior items and various other products.

Crimp material as decoration

Forged items are becoming more and more popular in the decoration of private territories and premises, which indicates a return to numerous ancient traditions. Artistic decorative forging often becomes indispensable in decorating streets and adjacent territories of Ukrainian cities, which is used to decorate metal stairs, gazebos, gates and fences.

Like many centuries ago, forging for gates, fences, awnings and stair railings are attracting attention, admiring and becoming an integral part of architecture. Forged lace in most versions seems monolithic, but this is far from the case. It consists of separate, interconnected forged strong elements, for the manufacture of which the ancient blacksmiths used welding, riveting and joining using a crimping tape.

Modern technologies are increasingly being introduced into this ancient craftsmanship, which have raised artistic forging to the highest level. The use of decorative crimping brackets made it possible to obtain detachable joints that are not inferior in strength to the structure obtained in the process of soldering and riveting.

Today, the crimp strip, forged staples have practically lost their original purpose, playing an increasingly decorative role; they are used to mask welds and tie non-joining joints. The stripes and staples give each piece a "handmade look" when used.

Each piece forged from metal is a real work of art. Even the ends of handrails and handrails are now manufactured using a variety of finishing techniques, which not only ensure safe use of the railing, but also add stylistic completeness. The edges of the railing do not stand out in size and style against the background of the entire length, they fit perfectly into the decor of the stairs and support the overall style of the interior. This will help to give a private house an attractive shade of aristocracy and give solidity to an office building.

The awakened interest in metallic artistic lace in large cities of Ukraine led to the fact that these charming elements in a variety of patterns began to appear in various architectural ensembles.

Using the experience accumulated over the years, the Artdeco® manufacturing company will help not only create an airy metallic lace decorated with decorative stripes, but also solve the problem of repairing fences, staircase, balcony, sectional, gate fences, ideally selecting and forging any structure.

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