Forged masking frames

Masking frame 50х50х6х12,5 - picture
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Masking frame 70x70x8x21 - picture
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Masking frame 95х95x8х26 - picture
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Masking frame 100x100x10 - picture
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Masking frame 74x74x2 - picture
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Masking frame 74x74x2x13 - picture
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Masking frame 100x100x2 - picture
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Masking frame 60x60x2,5 - picture
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Masking frame 80x80x2,5 - picture
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Masking frame 50х50х4х15х12,5 - picture
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Masking frame 14x12 50x50 - picture
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Masking frame 80х80х4х17х25,5 - picture
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Masking frame 80х80х25х40,5 - picture
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Masking frame 60x60x20х25,5 - picture
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Masking frame 60x60x15х30,5 - picture
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Masking frame 50х50х20х20,5 - picture
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Forged masking frames from the manufacturer

For the aesthetic appearance of the end of posts, pillars, consoles and other forged products, camouflage elements are usually used in the form of forged masking frames. Fused decorative post masking frames are used to install wrought iron fences, railings and guardrail structures. Lamps, lanterns, sconces, torches, furniture with details of the art of forging are attached to the walls with masking frames.

Camouflage parts for decorative finishing of balusters, posts, pillars and brackets at the base are widely used in art forging products. They are stamped and cast, flat and three-dimensional.

Forged masking frames allow you to hide the fastening elements of the structure for a complete and harmonious look. By purchasing forged items in our store, you will find what you need and you will be satisfied with the choice and quality.

Frames design

If you approach the decoration of the room design wisely, you can forget about many problems. It is better to do it well and efficiently once than to do it again later. Forged decorative items always look good. They give a special charm to everything, wherever they are and are not placed. Today forging can be safely used, while embodying a variety of fantasies and ideas. For a long time, royal palaces were decorated with forging, because there was no analogue for this art. It is unimaginable to choose another synonym, because handicraft and products made of metal will always look luxurious, masterpiece and elegant.

In past eras with the rule of kings, only monarchs had such a luxury available, because artistic forging was not only a royal privilege, but also available only by means of the kingdom.

Now this decor is available to everyone, which makes it possible to make your dreams of forging in design come true.

Buy masking frames wholesale and retail

The use of cast solid and stamped metal products in landscaping or interior design requires the acquisition of accompanying elements. Additional decorative and functional elements are needed for massive staircases, city railings and fences, gazebos, arches.

Looking for a place to order masking parts for balusters or poles that will be used to set up a fence? On our site you will always find forged and interesting stamped exquisite products - in a large assortment and at the best prices. All you have to do is make your choice and place an order

Our manufacturing company Artdeco® is a leader in the product market, can help you with this. Our brand manufactures a wide range of metal products. Our assortment includes more than two thousand items. This allows the customer to choose the most suitable option for himself, because a wide selection is always pleasantly welcomed, providing an opportunity to get closer to the ideal.

One of the many products in our catalog is forged masking frames. These components serve to decorate the pillars. They are made in the form of a regular or flattened ball. The choice of a suitable layout directly depends on the style in which the interior is made, so that it can harmoniously fit in and emphasize its features. Our company offers each customer a choice of a range of products of various shapes and sizes. The prices will delight you.

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