Forged Leaves

Leaf 120x47x1,2 - picture
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6.42 грн.
5.16 грн.
Leaf 70x47x1,2 - picture
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4.44 грн.
3.54 грн.
Leaf 90x34x1,2 - picture
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4.26 грн.
3.42 грн.
Leaf 47х34х1,2 - picture
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2.58 грн.
2.04 грн.
Leaf 115x70x2 - picture
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18.48 грн.
14.76 грн.
Leaf 85x50х1,5 - picture
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Leaf 175х90х2 - picture
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Leaf 145x70x1,5 - picture
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Leaf 100x50x2 - picture
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Leaf 125x115x1,5 - picture
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22.68 грн.
18.12 грн.
Leaf 95x85x1,2 - picture
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10.86 грн.
8.70 грн.
Leaf 190х107х1,5 - picture
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20.16 грн.
18.90 грн.
Leaf 160х85х1,5 - picture
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14.88 грн.
13.98 грн.
Leaf 120х62х1,5 - picture
50.169 In stock
9.60 грн.
9.00 грн.
Leaf 280х130х2,5 - picture
50.170 In stock
193.32 грн.
172.50 грн.
Leaf 195х100х2,5 - picture
50.171 In stock
120.84 грн.
107.88 грн.

Forged leaves from the manufacturer

The splendor of traditional products of artistic forging and elements, forged leaves and flowers, is largely due to the use of original decorative additions that combine geometric and floral details of the ornament. Traditionally, since ancient times, blacksmithing has been considered an art, not a craft. And the products that come out of the hands of real blacksmiths are another confirmation of this fact. After all, almost all forged decorative elements today are distinguished by the presence of various additions - textures, ornaments, giving individuality even to flowing products. And if such items are not initially provided, you can always buy flowers, plants, leaves, patterns as an addition to the main decor. And create an original forging design composition that suits your taste.

Forged patterns on fences – leaves

Elements of the traditional ornament of artistic forging are increasingly found in the form of separate parts offered in a set with the main structures. You can order the floral decorative ornament separately, as well as decorate and complement the interior of your living or office space as you wish, adding originality to landscape and architectural compositions. On our website you will find a wide range of forged products for every taste: from lush rosettes and racks to original elements in the Arabian style, Baroque, Gothic, Classicism, Loft, Modern, combining floral and geometric details of patterns.

We deliver the entire range of products to the regions of Ukraine. You can choose the products you are interested in in our catalog and place an order: for flowers - in the form of roses, orchids, lilies; forged leaves and other types of decorations for structures with delivery to Kiev, Vinnitsa, Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Lvov, Dnepropetrovsk, Chernigov, Rovno, Khmelnitsky, including Artdeko® offices in many cities of Ukraine.

Variety of selection of forged items

In our present, foliage and flowers are used in artistic forging, as decoration for a wide variety of designs. If we talk about the forging procedure, then this is a rather complicated process, and only a real well-trained specialist is able to make an unusual art reproduction from the simplest piece of metal.

Forged leaves, which are forged on special equipment, as well as metal inserts, ornaments, flower decorations and much more supplied by our company.

According to the shape, the leaves are divided into one-sided and extended. You can complement one piece with another by experimenting with shapes and sizes. Turn your gazebo into an oak forest with acorns hidden in the branches among the leaves, or decorate your balcony with metal rose bushes - our company offers an exquisite ornament for every taste.

Forging is an art that can embody images of various objects and phenomena through metal and convey all their beauty. The graceful interweaving of branches, exquisite vines and voluminous acorns will decorate the facade of your house all year round, emphasizing the exterior decoration favorably and making your home cozy. Such vegetation is not afraid of the change of seasons or the lack of sun, it always looks good. Our company offers to purchase forged leaves, ideally combining the beauty of nature and the elegance of metal. With their help, your gate, gazebo or balcony grill will be transformed and complement the overall style of the house.

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