Forged Knobs

Knob 60x25x25х25 - picture
42.004 In stock
31.86 грн.
27.60 грн.
Knob 85x45х40x40 - picture
42.005 In stock
105.30 грн.
91.26 грн.
Knob 85x45х42 - picture
42.007 In stock
99.30 грн.
86.10 грн.
Knob 105x55х55 - picture
42.008 In stock
136.86 грн.
100.20 грн.
Knob 105x55x55х55 - picture
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136.86 грн.
100.20 грн.
Knob 45x35х30 - picture
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37.68 грн.
29.76 грн.
Knob 70x60х55 - picture
42.013 In stock
139.14 грн.
101.94 грн.
Knob 45x35х30x30 - picture
42.018 In stock
37.68 грн.
29.76 грн.
Knob 70x50x50х50 - picture
42.019 In stock
120.36 грн.
92.58 грн.

Forged tops from the manufacturer

Cast metal tops add beauty and completeness to wrought iron poles. Forged items will decorate any piece of art. Cast tops for posts are used in the manufacture of forged fences, gates, railings and fences. Fences and fences made of art forging elements look proud and elegant.

At the same time, the entire structure will look aesthetically complete when the top is added to it, and at the same time, the forged element will perform a protective function - it will prevent water and debris from entering the pipe.

Tops in structures

First of all, forged tops on pillars, like other similar products, perform a protective function. They are mounted on the ends of the posts and protect them from moisture ingress, which ultimately leads to the destruction of the material from which the support is made. Thanks to the tops, you can significantly extend the life of the poles and forget about their repair for a long time.

If the spans of the fence are entirely or partially made of brick, concrete, it is also worth protecting their upper part by installing forged drainage systems. In combination with the tops on the structures, they will become reliable protection against the effects of weather conditions, and also become an excellent decorative element. Thanks to them, even the simplest and most budgetary fences will acquire a unique look.

Unlike conventional metal and corrugated caps, forged tops and ebbs are made from thicker steel. In rain and strong gusts of wind, thin metal makes a decent noise, which their forged counterparts do not have. They are the most durable and cannot be chipped or crushed. Forged tops and ebbs are priced higher than conventional plastic caps, but their appearance combined with durability will allow for extraordinary design ideas. In combination with wrought iron gates, fences, forged tops will be a wonderful decoration of the facade, giving it a complete and majestic look.

Mass production of tops

The Artdeco® manufacturing company offers the buyer the opportunity to purchase, both retail and wholesale, at a bargain price.

The assortment of tops is varied and will delight any buyer.

Benefits of buying from the manufacturer:

  1. Product quality
  2. A large number of elements
  3. Possibility of retail and wholesale purchase of products

Cast metal tops give the forged products beauty and completeness of lines. Forged details will decorate any artistic forged product. Cast forged tops are used in the manufacture of forged fences, gates, railings and barriers. Fences and fences, in the creation of which elements of artistic forging are used, look proud and dignified.

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