Forged decorative hinges

Angle 150х150х2 - picture
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Angle 200х200х3 - picture
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Hinge 225х530х4 - picture
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Hinge 225х530х4 - picture
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Hinge 240х500х3 - picture
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Hinge 155х520х3 - picture
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Hinge 120х425х3 - picture
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Hinge 120х495х3 - picture
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Hinge 120х620х3 - picture
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Shield 41х350х2 - picture
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Shield 58х490х2 - picture
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Shield 225х615х2 - picture
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Decorative hinges – arrows, corners, overlays

When the word "door hardware" is used, many associate it with embossed, inconspicuous gray details that differ little from each other. We are ready to show how exclusive fittings with forged decorative hinges can be, which will distinguish the door from the rest, complete the interior-exterior created by you and declare the high taste of the owner.

Decorative hinges in the form of arrows can be attributed to the era of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Renaissance.

But, in addition to the aesthetic purpose, they quite successfully perform the main function of the door hinge – fixing and holding the door.

Hinges – arrows and original corners, main features

Modern metal fittings are made by hot casting. The material of forged arrow hinges is a solid sheet of metal. The minimum thickness of such a sheet is 6 mm. For each door (swing), forged hinges are selected taking into account the weight and dimensions of the door strip. This is an important condition that determines how well the fastening hardware will perform its function. The correct choice of hinges eliminates sagging of the door, deformation of the entrance structure of the structure, jamming of the lock.

Another selection criterion is appearance. Forged hinges in the form of arrows do not differ much in shade, but the Artdeco® manufacturing company has taken care of a rich selection of door plate shapes. The buyer can choose straight models, monograms, carvings and decorative ornaments.

The product undergoes special processing, and with the help of patina, you can give the product an aged look. But at the same time, the main characteristics by which decorative loops are distinguished:

Application of decorative loops

A barely perceptible spirit of antiquity, mystery, originality - these are just some of the external differences of products for fastening and decorating doors, gates and gates. Smooth curves and unique decorative finishes harmonize universally with a door leaf made of metal or wood. Colors "under gold" or "under bronze" perfectly mask new, modern "antique" products. In addition, curved shapes, antique finishes and a well-worn effect immediately fall back on the classic trend that is trending today.

The functional properties of metal fittings are also excellent. The products presented in the assortment are divided into two large segments:

Decorative hinges, arrow hinges, original linings and corners look great on massive wooden and metal door leaves with different finishes. They are placed on the entrances of private country houses, gates and gates. The scope is not limited to residential private sectors. Arrows are a popular door accessory used in colorful restaurants and cafes. Thin metal fittings for art forging are successfully used in furniture layout.

Where to find and buy quality decorative hinges at an affordable price?

The manufacturer Artdeko® offers to the attention of buyers a wide range of forged products and elements, both for practical function and for decoration. Delivery is carried out in all cities of Ukraine by transport carriers: Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Rovno, Nikolaev, Kharkov, Kherson, Dnipro, including in many cities there are representative offices of the company, so buyers have the opportunity to visit the showroom of the manufacturer Artdeko® and purchase on the spot products.

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