Forged hinges

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Angle 150х150х2 - picture
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Angle 200х200х3 - picture
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Hinge 225х530х4 - picture
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Hinge 225х530х4 - picture
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Hinge 240х500х3 - picture
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Hinge 155х520х3 - picture
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Hinge 120х425х3 - picture
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Hinge 120х495х3 - picture
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Hinge 120х620х3 - picture
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Shield 41х350х2 - picture
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Shield 58х490х2 - picture
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Shield 225х615х2 - picture
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Hinge 60х12 - picture
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Hinge 70х14 - picture
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Hinge 70x16 - picture
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Hinge 80x16 - picture
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Forged hinges from the manufacturer

To make the interior more sophisticated, to emphasize the style, you can use different techniques - from creating an author's design to buying handmade furniture. Forged hinges – arrows can be attributed to the decorative medieval style of accessories. But in addition to the aesthetic purpose, they quite effectively perform the main function of door hinges, namely, fixing and holding the massive canvas. Another effective and versatile way to decorate your home is to use unique fittings for furniture and doors – forged hinges. One of the advantages of forged elements is their versatility: they can be used with both wooden and metal doors. Decorative fittings are made by machine or hand forging - both the first and second versions of the product look really impressive.

Hinges – the final touch of decor

At first glance, door hinges are an insignificant element, but of great practical importance. The hinges bear the main load of the structure of gates, small gates, and in fact, thanks to them, we can freely open and close our openings. These small details, in addition to their main purpose, can also become a real decoration and become a starting point in any project.

If the door array in your house is already decorated with elements of artistic forging, then you should go to the end and pick up all the accessories in the same style, because the ideal interior is the combination of every detail into a single combination.

Basic functions of hinges

Artistic forging is a special method of metal processing. Forged door hinges, of course, are beautiful, but do not forget about their practicality. To withstand their "load" in terms of reliability and durability, they are made only of the strongest metal alloys:

When one of these indispensable components on the door leaf is further processed, the result is an original, sophisticated and unique interior accent.

The decorative part of the hinge is attached to the door. The load on the loop depends on its size and, accordingly, on the diameter. Forged hinges easily support massive and heavy gates and wickets, as well as doors of any size.

These wrought iron accessories are also suitable for lovers of the traditions of classic interiors for antique furniture.

The advantage of forged fittings

Artistic forging hinges are not only an opportunity to decorate your home in a special style, but also a bargain. Forged products will not only add a touch of nobility to the most common interior elements, but will also serve you for more than a dozen years. Unlike mass-produced products, forged products do not bend or crack. They will not only emphasize the chosen style, but also become a unique highlight of the interior, giving solidity to your doors or furniture.

Summing up, the main advantages of using metal fittings can be highlighted:

The manufacturer Artdeko® offers to the attention of buyers a wide range of forged products and elements, both for practical function and for decoration. Delivery is carried out in all cities of Ukraine by transport carriers: Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Rovno, Nikolaev, Kharkov, Kherson, Dnipro, including in many cities there are representative offices of the company, so buyers have the opportunity to visit the showroom of the manufacturer Artdeko® and purchase on the spot products.

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