Forged decorative scrolls

Decorative items 550х210х12 - picture
14.000 In stock
99.00 грн.
88.62 грн.
Decorative items 550х210х12 - picture
14.000.01 In stock
94.32 грн.
84.36 грн.
Decorative items 550х215х12х6 - picture
14.001 In stock
71.46 грн.
57.18 грн.
Decorative items 620x190x12 beaten - picture
14.002 In stock
114.30 грн.
102.24 грн.
Decorative items 620x190x12 - picture
14.002.01 In stock
108.84 грн.
97.38 грн.
Decorative items 290х365х12 beaten - picture
14.002.02 In stock
98.76 грн.
80.82 грн.
Decorative items 290х365х12 - picture
14.002.03 In stock
99.00 грн.
81.00 грн.
Decorative items 290х365х12х6 beaten - picture
14.002.04 In stock
59.40 грн.
48.60 грн.
Decorative items 515x215x12 beaten - picture
14.003 In stock
163.44 грн.
125.70 грн.
Decorative items 515x215x12 - picture
14.003.01 In stock
155.64 грн.
119.70 грн.
Decorative items 510x210x12x6 beaten - picture
14.004 In stock
87.12 грн.
69.66 грн.
Decorative items 500x235x12 beaten - picture
14.005 In stock
122.82 грн.
102.36 грн.
Decorative items 500x235x12x6 beaten - picture
14.006 In stock
72.90 грн.
56.04 грн.
Decorative items 430x220x12 beaten - picture
14.007 In stock
81.54 грн.
66.06 грн.
Decorative items 430x220x12 beaten - picture
14.008 In stock
137.34 грн.
109.86 грн.
Decorative items 430x220x12x6 beaten - picture
14.009 In stock
54.90 грн.
43.92 грн.

Forged decorative curls

Artdeco® company positions itself on the market as a manufacturer of high quality products. The forged products of the company are of excellent quality, are favorably distinguished by their attractiveness, have an aesthetic appearance and exquisite taste.

Unique decorative art forging will be a great addition to any architectural construction, decorating the facades of luxurious buildings. Forged details are in perfect harmony with the structures of streets and parks, and will decorate squares. They are used in the design of park lanterns, benches and benches, arches and bridges.

Decorative items from forging

Currently, complex forging is gaining popularity again, both in our country and around the world. The exquisite curls are undoubtedly unique, beautiful and sophisticated.

World designers at all times have used decorative curls in the design of building facades, interiors, park structures, bridges, fences and other structures.

The artist's most incredible fantasies were expressed by forging and brought to life in metal. The special style, decorative unique individuality of these architectural structures over time acquire even greater value due to their uniqueness. Its historical value has been growing over the years.

Curls and forging from the manufacturer

The products manufactured at our enterprise are not inferior to the complex works of blacksmithing art of world famous masters. Look at the section on the site with the proposed curls, where you can choose a product to your liking.

Artdeco® has enjoyed a good reputation among buyers for many years. We produce only high quality original products.

The prices for Artdeco® decorative curls will pleasantly surprise you. There are constant promotions and discounts.

At the same time, the curls themselves are of excellent quality and have a number of advantages:

On our site you can find a wide variety of decorative items.

Why buy forging from the manufacturer?

The main activity of the manufacturing company is the production of forged design elements, as well as finished structures in a complex. Simple and complex, of any size - all unique and in abundance.

In addition, we offer the development of a complex and universal design project for decorating a recreation area, summer cottages, squares, squares with metal structures with our decorative elements.

Today, forged designs are becoming more and more popular among connoisseurs of exquisite design. Forged products have become a part of our life. They have become an integral part of modern architecture,

Our company has extensive experience in the production of elements of various parameters and complex shapes. We can offer you finished products that are very practical and at no additional cost.

The Artdeco® manufacturing company offers its customers the purchase of ready-made forging elements developed and manufactured by high-level specialists.

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