Forged curls

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Forged curls – addition and decoration of the structure

Forging has always been a unique way of decorating external and internal facades of buildings using wrought iron curls to decorate arches, window railings, balcony rails and stairs, fences and other structures. Modern products amaze with a variety of shapes, sizes, design solutions. We offer an assortment of forging, forged elements and iron casting, which no true master of his craft can do without. In the hands of a skilled blacksmith, ordinary metal blanks, complemented by our forged elements, turn into unique masterpieces of elegant artistic exquisite forging.

Curls – decoration or part of the design

Forged items and items are associated with the ancient craft of a blacksmith. In our time, they occupy a special and exclusive place. If you take a close look at the design trends of the past few years, you will find that wrought iron pieces in interior decor and landscape design are becoming more common. This is due to the elegant and noble appearance, high technical characteristics and long service life. With their help, you can focus on a specific interior detail.

Decorative details will turn an ordinary metal fence or lattice in a window into a lace pattern, giving it lightness and lightness. Common components of forging that adorn the grilles of windows, stairs, fences and pieces of furniture are:

But the most popular category used for decoration and decor design is the latter.

Forged curls are the same as volute (a decorative element in the form of a curl), although most call S-shaped curls curls. Forms in the form of bagels and commas can be attributed to the same category. Including many call the point of growth of the detail, that is, the eye itself, a curl.

The variety of such elements starts from the Romanesque style of architecture, from small to huge sizes. At the same time, decorative forging details are found in design decorations in many styles.

The benefits of curls in decor

Small elements that are combined into a single composition can create masterpieces of artistic forging. Therefore, their diversity can be attributed to multiple advantages:

Where are curls used?

A variety of products are decorated with metal details:

Without them, massive fences and fences would look boring. Despite the simplicity of the design, curls are an integral part of forged metal fences, gates and gates. They are suitable for classical styles such as Baroque, Rococo, all branches of Modernity.

There are many configurations of curls that are used in making patterns and ornaments. Components can be divided into several types and types:

To get a refined and elegant pattern from artistic forging, you can combine forged curls into a single composition and get a beautiful unique picture of the elements.

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