Forged leg for furniture

Forged leg 720х20 - picture
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Forged table leg 750х755х20 (2 pieces set) - picture
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Decorative forged furniture leg from the manufacturer

A support is one of the most important pieces of furniture. The furniture industry did not disregard the profile pipes from which legs, furniture and structure supports are made. In addition, these original products can be used as supports for barbecues and benches or decorate awnings and gates and many other options. It is distinguished by functionality, practicality and durability.

Furniture on forged legs is a wonderful decoration for any interior. Tables, chairs, hangers and beds add harmony and grace to the style of your apartment. Perforated wickerwork from forging will be very original in harmony with the fragile glass top of a coffee or dining table. Artistic forging will be especially noticeable through glass. If you add chairs to such an exquisite table, the supports of which will also be made of artistic forging elements, the harmony of the room will be exceptional.

Forged frames, in addition to beauty, perform another equally important function. The forged furniture leg is distinguished by its solid weight and good stability. Moving or accidentally dropping these items is not easy.

A forged leg is an elegant highlight of furniture

Furniture supports seem to be a primitive detail, and in fact, they can have thousands of designs.

The options for decorating the base of furniture are very diverse. It can be a rod entwined with a snake, figurines of birds or other animals; in the park alley you can see benches with forged wheel-shaped legs. It is impossible to describe all the bizarre patterns and subtleties that craftsmen use when creating forged metal legs. The human imagination is capable of many things. But most often, the craftsman chooses a curved shape for making legs.

Artistic forging products are usually painted black, gold or bronze. The upholstery protects the legs from the effects of natural factors and gives the furniture an elegance and nobility. Often, forged stands are ordered as a set for all furniture that will be installed in a particular room.

A wrought-iron support is always an exclusive of any furniture set, regardless of the interior and the chosen style in the room. Various decor will combine a forged furniture base, because, in addition to elegance, it will add sophistication and elegance to the appearance.

Cooperation with Artdeco

If you are engaged in the manufacture of furniture, order forging from us, do the rest of the work yourself. As a result, you will receive unique designer items that cannot be purchased in a regular store. This will provide you with expensive orders, and we, in turn, will give you a discount on wholesale sales.

You can show us photos of your work and a description of the materials with which you work, our designer will offer you many great solutions, including complex ones. By purchasing Artdeco forged legs, you can develop your business, taking it to a new level.

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