Fixing elements

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Forged fasteners for elements and structures

In order to strengthen the structure of shelves, railings, various products that must be attached to the vertical plane, the use of forged fasteners becomes indispensable.

Shelf fittings are used to create hanging planes in the interior of the room. The highly effective surface of the shelf can be held on two brackets of the same model, which can be used in a variety of materials, from glass to wood. The shelf bracket is an L-shaped wrought-iron flat base and a 45 degree decorative stop. The base ends with decorative tabs and two holes in the surface against the wall to hold the piece in place.

Fastening as a detail of interior decor

When decorating and creating a room design, the question often arises about additional fasteners for various household items. If the option with standard fasteners does not suit you, and you would like to decorate and add a touch of originality and creativity, choose options from the catalog of the Artdeko® manufacturer, which are an excellent option for any stylistic design of housing, balconies, loggias and street areas.

In addition to the main purpose, metal fasteners also realize a decorative function, evenly distributing the load.

Forged parts made in an individual and original style can be used as decorative elements in offices, apartments, cafes, restaurants and other establishments. They will fit in, highlighting the dignity of the room design. It is known that a simple wooden shelf is a boring and inconspicuous plank, but if you add to the merits of wood a beautiful bracket that creates a contrast in shades, with a rougher design, the shelf will sparkle with new colors.

You can order hand-made forged shelf mounts and steel fittings for your home interior using samples from our catalog.

Mount is the highlight of the design project

Metal consoles perfectly support the structure and perform decorative roles. Forged and reinforced brackets are designed for hanging surfaces that can be placed on the wall. In Ukraine, shelf stands are positioned as a functional element for decoration. The product is inexpensive, the price depends on how the curly edge is decorated. Such items from forging can be matched to both narrow and wide functional surfaces.

When finishing the exterior of buildings and the interior arrangement of rooms, there are no trifles. Each element should accentuate the style, creating a certain charm. Therefore, the design of each surface is important, especially the appearance of the bracket.

Quality metal is the most durable material used in interior decoration. Another advantage is durability. Forged products can serve for decades without much maintenance.

When the metal is heated in a furnace, it can take on a variety of forms, freezing in bizarre variations that the hand of the master chooses. Thanks to these properties, forged mountings and shelf supports can be of different sizes and shapes, suitable for any style.

Colors can also vary greatly, from steel and chrome to copper and gold. It is also possible to apply patina for an antique effect. Thus, a purely functional product becomes an elegant artistic element on which, among other things, the overall impression of the interior depends.

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