Door forged handles and snitches

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Forged handles from the manufacturer

The first doors that reliably protected a person's dwelling were wooden. After some time, forged handles and overlays appeared for reliability. At that time, openings and fittings had to be not only functional, but first of all they were required to be reliable and durable. It was only much later that aesthetic requirements appeared. It could not be otherwise, because the door is the first thing that you see when entering the house, so it must be completed without fail. As a result, raw metal stripes have been transformed over the years, and their outlines have become more and more graceful.

Even today, when metal and armored doors have appeared, the owners of many private houses and institutions in large cities of Ukraine prefer to install wooden doors with forged elements. Metal parts are designed to strengthen the wooden structure, and it is they who combine their protective function with the decorative one.

Forged handles as an element of design and aesthetics

 Time has also changed door elements. In the Middle Ages, a massive metal ring was often used as a handle. But since the 17th century, forged products have been increasingly used to decorate the interior, so even the most ordinary ring handles have been decorated with attractive forged elements. A century later, cheap casting began to gain frenzied popularity, which significantly displaced artistic forging, mass replication of products began, and cast forged handles suddenly became a small number, decorating monuments of the past that continue to decorate the entrances of museums, palaces and theaters.

In the 20th century, many believed that artistic forging had finally lost its position, but by the beginning of the 21st century. interest in various crafts and antiques has revived. Forged door elements were reborn. In design and architecture, antique styling came to the fore, especially for forging elements.

These days, a shiny lacquered, old-fashioned new door would look a little ridiculous. But the new, artificially aged coating once again underlines the high status of the owner and testifies to his good taste. Attractive doors are installed in many houses in Ukrainian cities, where handles are combined not only with wood, but also with metal. Forged snitches and handles can be made in any style. To extend the service life of handles and pads made of art forging with anti-corrosion compounds and for the antique style, a special technique of staining and applying artificial patina is used in its manufacture.

The masters of our Artdeco® company know perfectly well that it is impossible to do without trifles in the appearance of the house. Using modern technology, their own experience and samples created over the centuries, the blacksmiths produce handles forged in accordance with the style of the building, which once again demonstrates their competence and high professionalism.

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