Design and engineering of structures of any complexity

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Design and calculation of structures of any complexity

Each metal structure can differ significantly from standard sizes, because our houses are no longer built according to standard standards and schemes. And private houses sometimes reincarnate even the wildest fantasies. A specialist should design and calculate the structures, who can not only as a designer combine the beauty of forged elements, but also, according to technical characteristics, calculate the correct placement of each part in the structure, because these parameters affect:

Phased design allows the customer to determine the layout of the staircase in space, see the future picture in the interior before production and accurately calculate the weight of the structure and the amount of required materials.

Structural design

In cities, the infrastructure of which includes a significant number of construction organizations and industrial enterprises, there is always a constant need to design structures for various purposes. Any city has a great need for a specialist performing design and engineering work.

A large volume of orders requires qualified and responsible execution. Indeed, often when performing design work, it is required to comply with very stringent safety requirements. Especially if it is such a type of work as calculation and design of welded metal structures.

Our company offers a service of miscalculation, design of structures for the cities of Ukraine:

A flexible approach to customer requirements and the conditions of the dimensions and appearance of the structure allows you to issue drawings in stages, which significantly reduces the time.

Design of metal fences

The creation of a fencing system is a laborious process that requires a special approach. The fence is the most important element in the protection of private property. The safety of your property, territory or even life often depends on it. Therefore, it is necessary to protect your estates not only with a solid, but also with a clearly designed hedge.

In addition to the distribution of ready-made examples of structures and the implementation of sets of elements calculated for a certain size, the company produces ready-made structures, such as:

In the design and engineering department, work is underway to create drawings of metal fences of various types, sizes, and also purposes.

All our customers receive advice before starting design and design work. We help you choose the most suitable model, create an accurate drawing. After that, the price is calculated, which depends on the size of the future product, the configuration and the complexity of the specific design. Without fail, all the details are discussed with the customer, the estimated cost of the product is agreed upon, and only then the miscalculation process is started.

You can order the service of a designer, designer, constructor by adding the service to the basket. The cost of 30 minutes of the work of a specialist is 150 UAH.

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