Forged decorative friz

Frieze 205х1570х12х6 beaten - picture
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Frieze 402х1210х2 - picture
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Frieze 807х1210х2 - picture
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Frieze 165x1130x12x6 beaten - picture
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Frieze 165х1130х12х6 beaten - picture
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Frieze 1150х1040х30х4 - picture
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Frieze 125x1200x12x6 - picture
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Frieze 90х1115х30х4 - picture
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Frieze 90х1115х30х4 - picture
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Frieze 125х610х12х6 milled - picture
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Frieze 280x1470x15x2 - picture
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Frieze 310x1470x12x6 - picture
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Frieze 280х1230х3 - picture
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Frieze 215х1235х3 - picture
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Frieze 220х1200х50х12х4 - picture
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Frieze 220х1200х50х12х4 - picture
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Forged frieze from the manufacturer

The purpose of many elements of artistic forging not only as part of the structure, but also makes it possible as the existence of a separate detail of the interior or exterior. The forged frieze is made of high quality steel. It is designed to create elegant designs for fences, bars, gazebos and other metal structures. This product goes well with other forged items. It will give a complete and flawless look to the overall composition.

A picturesque and airy detail decorates and gives a complete look to fences, gates, gates and metal structures. In addition to the decorating component, the component also performs a protective function – since it serves as an additional shield against penetration into the fenced area, because it becomes another obstacle to overcome the fence.

The forged frieze is graceful, luxurious, almost transparent and airy. Such decoration of the structure will not only harmonize in the entire combination of parts of the fence, but also attract attention, giving the silhouette with the smallest details uniqueness and recognition from afar.

Frieze as a design element or part of a structure

The lace that completes the forged metal structure adds not only the integrity of each line, but also the elegance of the strokes of fences, gates and gates.

Forged friezes are horizontal stripes framing the top and bottom of metal structures or the gaps between vertical components, and including artistic forging is also used for wall decoration, giving completeness to the style of the look. Products are mainly used in classic design solutions, but they are also successfully used in such styles as modern, functionalism, eclecticism, gothic, neoclassicism, neo-gothic.

The assortment of the Artdeco® company does not stand still, is constantly expanding and supplemented with new forged elements and products. Decorative stylistic friezes have already become one of the directions of our multifaceted business. Our company develops original designs for products used in interior and exterior design.

The history of the frieze

Much about the meaning of this word can be read from its origin and old interpretations.

Translated from French, "frise" sounds like a decorative composition. It can be presented in the form of a horizontal strip or ribbon, crowning the architectural composition.

At the same time, the meaning from the Latin «phrygium» also means decoration.

This interpretation makes it clear that such an element is something beautiful or decorative.

It is known that products were very valuable in antiquity. They looked great in the classical architecture of the New Age and the Middle Ages. And in our time, its value has not fallen, and at the same time, the use of detail in decorating the exterior is gaining popularity. Artistic graceful stripes are one of the most common components for framing compositions, used mainly as horizontal decoration in decor.

Since its inception in ancient Greece, the component was made of plaster, but closer to the Renaissance, a forged frieze was increasingly used on fences, completing the composition, more used for a protective function than a decorative one.

Nowadays, the use of artistic forging components add completeness, elegance and airiness to any fence, attracting your eyes to the entire composition.

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