Forged caps, cores

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Forged cores and nozzles from the manufacturer

In order to give the whole structure sophistication and artistic solidity, it can be completed with decorative elements - cores, nozzles or inserts made by casting and forging.

In order to determine the type of attachments or decorative cores, it is required to determine the entire style of the interior or exterior. Because these details will not only add completeness to the entire metal structure, but also add zest to each of the products.

Manufactured by casting. Cast cores, attachments (rings, rods, inserts), in addition to their decorative role, perform a practical function - they strengthen the supporting frame of the metal structure.

When there is a difference in the use of metal structures between the elements, the cores are fastened by welding, while the nozzles are simply pushed onto the metal rods.

Cores – features and functionality

Cast metal components give the product a finished look. Decorative elements contribute to filling the finishing touches of the fences. Cores, nozzles, as constituent components, are mainly used for the manufacture of metal structures: fences, gates, railings and fences. Fences and grilles look dignified and elegant, in the manufacture of which elements of artistic forging are used.

Decorative cores are cast or stamped forging parts used to close holes on posts and fences, as well as to decorate and decorate fences.

When creating any type of fences: balcony, staircase – the cores will become irreplaceable, installing them at the joints of the welding seams, they will give any design not only completeness, but also elegance and sophistication.

Forged nozzles – features and functionality

Basically, the details of artistic decorative forging are intended not only for decorating structures and closing joints, but also perform mechanical functions for connecting components and strengthening them in a common combination.

The nozzles differ from each other usually by the size of the hole and the shape. They are used not only to strengthen structures, but also to complete each of the products and to close welds, which may not look very presentable.

Forged elements in the interior

Exquisite forging is a picturesque and original decoration of an interior or exterior. In the words "forged decoration" one can imagine beautiful metal figurines, flowers, leaves, floral ornament, sub-vases and vases of umbrellas, hangers, brackets for supporting curtains, cornices, paintings, an openwork pattern of forging on the ceiling or wall of a room, all these products are unique and attractively emphasize the design of the interior or landscape exterior.

 The decor of artistic forging is not only suitable for a private residential building, but will also harmoniously fit in and become a decoration in an apartment of a multi-storey building or office, and for restaurants it is almost irreplaceable. And all because any styles and eras can be embodied in the artistic decor made of metal. In addition, a souvenir or an individually made handmade product will be an amazing and unforgettable gift.

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