Forged brackets

Bracket 1060х1250х14/14х7 - picture
16.000 In stock
1,682.58 грн.
1,211.46 грн.
Bracket 1060х1250х14/14х7 - picture
16.001 In stock
1,682.58 грн.
1,211.46 грн.
Bracket 760х1025х12/12х6 - picture
16.002 In stock
915.24 грн.
710.22 грн.
Bracket 1160х1160х14/14х7 - picture
16.003 In stock
1,118.94 грн.
864.60 грн.
Bracket 625х1095х20х20/12х6 - picture
16.004 In stock
612.00 грн.
506.76 грн.
Bracket 810х1140х12/20 - picture
16.006 In stock
776.76 грн.
602.82 грн.
Bracket 690х1190х17х17 - picture
16.007 In stock
680.28 грн.
532.44 грн.
Bracket 265х1050х20х4 beaten - picture
16.008 In stock
279.60 грн.
215.10 грн.
Bracket 120х190х12 - picture
16.020 In stock
66.24 грн.
53.82 грн.
Bracket 245х265х12/40х4 - picture
16.040 In stock
109.44 грн.
81.06 грн.
Bracket 435х350х12/12х6/40х4 - picture
16.041 In stock
251.34 грн.
186.18 грн.
Bracket 350х260х30х4 - picture
16.045 In stock
159.84 грн.
118.38 грн.
Bracket 280х230х20х4 - picture
16.046 In stock
88.50 грн.
65.58 грн.
Bracket 285х220х20х4 - picture
16.047 In stock
73.02 грн.
54.06 грн.
Bracket 250х225х145х6/20х4 - picture
16.055 In stock
155.94 грн.
115.56 грн.
Bracket 285х215х180х12 /12х6 - picture
16.056 In stock
135.66 грн.
100.50 грн.

Forged brackets for structures

Elements are widely used for decorative interior and exterior accessories, as components of fences or terrace structures, as supports for canopies and awnings, and in any architectural composition created by the designer's imagination - forged brackets.

The exact correspondence of the explanatory vocabulary of this element is a cantilever support piece or structure that serves to fasten on a vertical plane (wall or column) parts of a structure or structures protruding or protruding in the horizontal direction. Structurally, the bracket can be made in the form of an independent product or a multi-piece structure with a structure, as well as in the form of a significant thickening in the base part.

Bracket classification

Artistic forging products are a product of creative work, so they can have a variety of shapes, depending on the wishes of the client and the vision of the master. Brackets are usually classified based on their application. Forged brackets can be an independent artistic element that serves as a kind of support, or used as a connecting component for furniture or architectural forms. Elegant wrought iron brackets can add a sense of antiquity and exclusivity to any room interior. Despite the fact that today all styles are relevant in design directions, forged decor is gaining more and more popularity due to simplicity and reliability combined with elegance.

Forged brackets can be supplemented with any element and product of artistic forging - how wide and vast the designer's imagination will be.

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