Forget benches, swings

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Bench 890x800x20 - picture
67.001 In stock
1,312.62 грн.
1,073.94 грн.
Bench 890x800x20 - picture
67.002 In stock
508.02 грн.
381.96 грн.
Bench 875х780х20 - picture
67.004 In stock
1,202.28 грн.
964.26 грн.
Bench 875х780х20 - picture
67.005 In stock
534.96 грн.
429.00 грн.
Swing 790х630х20 - picture
67.010 In stock
837.36 грн.
671.52 грн.
Bench 420х370х20 (2 pieces set) - picture
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870.18 грн.
690.60 грн.
Connecting jumper 1300x134x17 - picture
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500.22 грн.
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Forged leg for swing 2000х1800х40х25 - picture
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1,922.76 грн.
1,433.10 грн.
Forged swing 1945х2150х1250 - picture
8,242.26 грн.
7,136.10 грн.
Crossbar swing with holes - picture
68.020.01 In stock
634.02 грн.
483.00 грн.
Canopy swing with holes - picture
472.86 грн.
368.46 грн.
Wooden beam (Alder) 1200х75х25 - picture
1,059.66 грн.
1,009.14 грн.
Wooden beam (Alder) 1500х75х35 - picture
1,324.62 грн.
1,324.62 грн.
Wooden beam (Alder) 2200х75х25 - picture
95.011 In stock
1,348.26 грн.
1,284.06 грн.
Wooden beam (Alder) 2000х75х25 - picture
95.012 In stock
1,766.04 грн.
1,681.92 грн.
Wooden beam (Alder) 1800х75х25 - picture
1,589.46 грн.
1,513.74 грн.

Forged benches and swings for a sophisticated exterior

Everyone understands how important it is to choose good furniture. After all, comfort largely depends on this. And if we are talking about garden furniture, then when buying it, you need to focus not only on the classic requirements for such items. It is very important that a wrought iron garden bench can successfully withstand the effects of negative factors: precipitation, temperature changes and others. In addition, high strength is important - the ability to withstand mechanical damage, and therefore durability, depends on it.

Forged benches and swings are not only the luxury of landscape design, including the comfort and sophistication of the local area.

Wrought iron benches like garden furniture

An important problem faced by the buyer of forged products is the problem of choice. Exquisite and exclusive benches are expensive, but the ones that are available do not differ in special charm, they are often simply uncomfortable, so it is not very pleasant to rest on them. We want to solve this problem by creating unique, unrepeatable and comfortable shops, offering them to you at the most democratic cost.

Forged garden or park benches are an integral part of the local area or garden and park zone. They perfectly fulfill their main function as a resting place and give the site a prestigious, graceful and quite respectable look, complementing the overall style of the landscape.

It will be optimal to create a whole composition, which, in addition to benches, will include tables, swings, garden furniture and other elements of the exterior.

The graceful shapes of art forging benches are flawlessly combined with the strength and natural reliability of durable metal. These products can withstand even a very heavy load, are not afraid of the adverse effects of external factors, so they will serve you for an incredibly long time, while maintaining a flawless appearance.

Most often, natural wood is chosen as the material for the seats of the benches, which looks great in a duet with durable metal, and both materials complement each other. The decorative possibilities of the benches can always be improved by painting them in any color.

Forged swing – the luxury of your home

Recently, more and more swings appear in summer cottages or in gardens that grow around country houses. They become an important part of the landscape, decorating the exterior of the house. Compares very favorably with other designs:

Sweet childhood memories - swing. Children love them, and sometimes adults do not mind feeling again the already forgotten feeling of flight.

The swing can be safely called one of the most beloved children's games. They have been known since ancient times. Who came up with the idea of ​​creating them is not known for certain, but they were popular and remain at all times and in different countries. They are usually installed in a children's playground.

The swing is admirable, because the design of an art forge is like lace, and not everyone can make it (this requires not only long study and training, but also a special talent).

The roof of garden structures usually consists of a hemisphere and is covered with sheet metal or translucent polycarbonate through which sunlight can pass.

Forged swings are reliable and original metal structures that are popular with both adults and children. They can be installed both in the country and in the garden. A wrought-iron swing for a summer residence emphasizes the good taste of the owners. Combined with other wrought-iron furniture, they decorate the exterior.

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