Forged balusters

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Baluster 950x12x190x12 beaten - picture
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Baluster 950x12x190x12 smooth - picture
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Baluster 1500x12x200x12 beaten - picture
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Baluster 950x14x195x14 smooth - picture
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Baluster 1500х10х200х10 beaten - picture
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Baluster 950х10х195х10 beaten - picture
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Baluster 950x160x190x12 beaten - picture
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Baluster 950x160x190x12 beaten - picture
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Baluster 950x160x190x12 smooth - picture
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Baluster 950x155x190x12 beaten - picture
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Baluster 950x155x190x12 smooth - picture
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Baluster 950x30x90x12 beaten - picture
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Baluster 950x32x90x12 smooth - picture
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Baluster 950x40x165x40x4 - picture
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Baluster 950x30x210x12 beaten - picture
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Baluster 950x35x200x14 smooth - picture
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Forged posts and balusters for fences

Today forging has re-entered the exterior and design of residential buildings, offices and parks. Each forged product, and especially the stair railings, is decorated with graceful forged racks and balusters.

They have a very attractive design, which is why they are used as supports and handrails for railings and fences. In the design of country houses, fences, office buildings today, little can do without them. This type of forged products sets the tone for the entire room, impregnating it with a touch of antiquity and modernity. They have their own special style and charm, carried over the centuries to the present day.

Forged balusters, made by the hands of a real master in the forge, always delight. A staircase inside or outside the house is the most expressive element that complements any style. Racks come in a variety of models, sizes, and patterns in origin. This gives an excellent opportunity to satisfy any wishes and make your fantasies come true.

Purpose and use of racks 

Initially, no fences were used to build the stairs. And a few centuries later, the first balusters appeared in the Roman Empire. They began to be used not only for imposing and decorating triumphal staircases, but for the main purpose of security.

Balusters have become an adornment of balconies, terraces and staircases. In addition to the fact that now it has become a tradition, at the moment they are at the peak of their popularity in use.

The original function of the balusters is to support the railing. Artistic wrought iron fence posts were originally made to prevent people falling from vertical stairs.

They are also reliable, as evidenced by the fact that you can easily lean on the handrails. They are characterized by wear resistance and durability when made from the best alloys. This makes it possible to forget about repair and reconstruction for many years. The appearance of the racks is forged with a relief that conveys grace and beauty. The presence of such balusters gives exclusivity to staircase structures. Wrought iron racks and balusters are also interior decorators inside and outside the building.

Varieties of balusters

A wrought iron railing rests on a base. There are two types of posts:

Benefits and advantages of racks 

A staircase is a worthy addition to any house or structure, so its design deserves special attention from the owner. Products and elements of artistic forging from the manufacturer Artdeko® will be the perfect addition to your staircase complex. Our uprights add aesthetics to a functional structural element and help to ensure structural rigidity. Balcony railings in a standard apartment in any city will acquire an aristocratic charm, and a staircase in a spacious cottage will delight you with its originality and will become the main decoration of any home.

Forged poles are in great demand among buyers. This is due to a large list of benefits:

On our website you can buy wrought iron balustrades of any style, you are guaranteed to embody even the most daring design idea. Our products are not only a beautiful environment, but also meet quality standards and possess high wear resistance characteristics. Each curl, rounding is full of meaning and harmoniously combines with the overall concept. By purchasing forged posts and balusters for stair railings and other structures from Artdeco®, you can be sure of their quality.

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