Baluster posts

Baluster post 1200х80х20 smooth - picture
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Baluster post 1200x20х20 smooth - picture
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Baluster post 1200x20х20 beaten - picture
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Baluster post 1200х45х20 beaten - picture
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Baluster post 1200х45х20 smooth - picture
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Baluster post 1200х50х25 beaten - picture
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Baluster post 1200х40х25 beaten - picture
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Baluster post 1200х55х25 beaten - picture
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Baluster post 1200х55х25 beaten - picture
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Baluster post 1200х50х25 beaten - picture
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Baluster post 1200х50х25 smooth - picture
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Baluster post 1200х60х30 - picture
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Baluster post 1200х55х25 - picture
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Baluster post 1200х55х25 - picture
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Baluster post 1200х60х25 - picture
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Baluster post 800x490x20 smooth - picture
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Forged poles from the manufacturer

Structures are used in handrails for stiffening. It is recommended to install the supports in increments of 2 to 2.5 m, depending on the length of the stairs and balcony. If the pillars are not suitable for the structure of the forging pattern, then on the lower part of the handrails, with a frequency of 1 m, small supports are placed for fastening to the ground.

Artistic forging bases come in various shapes and patterns with different surfaces. Basically, for handrails, square-shaped supports of 40 * 40 mm or round 47 mm are used, which, if there is a sufficient budget, can be decorated with rolled edges and forged girths. The standard height of the product is 1 m with a ball-shaped knob ending. There are also faceted, square, forged pillars endings. Decorated with stripes, twists, forging elements, the pillar looks much more interesting, becoming a separate element of the railings decor.

Such decorative powerful bases have a lot of advantages and benefits:

Pillars in structures

Products that can be used in such metal structures as: stairs, gazebos, gates, lanterns, fences, flower beds. In the 18-19 centuries, forged pillars were an indispensable attribute of streets and cities. In the present, forging is gaining relevance again; it can be found in almost any home. It perfectly complements the composition in the interior, local area and exterior of office buildings.

Wrought iron railing posts are a great option for transforming your home.

When building stairs, special attention should be paid to their supports, that is, pillars. These sophisticated and elegant elements complement the entire staircase perfectly. Decorative supports are located along the length of the entire structure every two meters. They not only serve as decoration, but also give the structure stability and reliability.

Forged posts should be in harmony with the railings. Therefore, it is necessary to order these products at the same time so that they are designed in the same style.

Square, round or twisted products look very impressive. Sometimes these elements are made in a combined way: casting and forging.

Forged poles have many installation advantages:

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