Forged balls, hemispheres

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Т Full sphere 15 - picture
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Full sphere 15 - picture
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Full sphere 20 - picture
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Т Full sphere 25 - picture
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Forged balls and hemispheres for decorating structures 

Original decorative elements are the best addition to the interior and exterior of a country house or estate, a park area or strict lines of a coastal zone chained in granite - forged balls and hemispheres on fences and structures.

Solid smooth balls are one of the options for decorative metal products obtained by casting from high quality steel. Original spheres of various diameters have always been the best complement to a wide variety of artistic metal structures, crowning decorative fence posts, pergola railings and furniture sets.

Carefully preserving traditions in product design, modern craftsmen actively use solid and hollow forged balls and hemispheres to give their creations originality and stylistic completeness. Moreover, it is not at all difficult to buy one-piece smooth elements in Ukraine today - just go to the website of the manufacturer Artdeco® and select the desired position in the product catalog.

Balls – types and uses

The elegant decorative element has a fairly wide range of applications, mainly for giving not only completeness to the design, but also as a separate piece of decoration in a combined combination of interior or exterior.

Types of products that Artdeco® constantly has in warehouses and is mass-produced:

All balls are welded with various types of welding.

The balls are corrosion resistant when primed and look great when painted correctly.

If you have any difficulties with the choice of elements, we will help you choose exactly those balls that will complement your design and add completeness in the chosen style.

Spheres and hemispheres are used in various forging products:

Forged hemispheres

Made of high quality metal, with a smooth or engraved hemisphere surface, they are a very effective decorative adornment of metal structures and give them a unique individual look. The scope of application of such forged decor of hemispheres is quite diverse:

Metal fences and barriers;

The catalog of the Artdeco® company - forging elements offers its customers a choice of hemisphere and various shapes of the sphere. The price increases depending on the following factors: size, diameter, thickness of the hemisphere, internal filling or its absence (i.e. hollow or full-bodied), the presence of additional finishes, etc. Competent, experienced specialists of our company will certainly help you choose exactly the option that will not only be to your liking, but also affordable.

Forged elements in the decor

Fine art forging products are best suited for decorating fences and a variety of fences. Strength and durability, combined with exceptional aesthetic properties, distinguish them on the market, making them the best choice for gates and fences of a country house, summer cottage, summer cottage. They give a finished look, becoming the finishing touch to the design of the territory.

Balls forged from ordinary steel are easy to install and easily welded to prepared bases. The absence of deposits on the surface of the product allows you to apply paint on them, bypassing the stage of preliminary processing. Forged spheres confidently endure any weather conditions, withstanding significant power loads. They will certainly serve you for many years, without losing their former charm and requiring only periodic repairs.

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