Wall hangers and forged hooks

Wall hook 500х35х12 - picture
68.021 In stock
68.52 грн.
56.34 грн.
Wall hook 500х85х12 - picture
68.022 In stock
110.82 грн.
91.20 грн.
Wall hook 500х85х12 - picture
68.023 In stock
130.74 грн.
107.46 грн.
Wall hook 120х100х60 - picture
68.024 In stock
37.74 грн.
31.08 грн.
Wall hook 130х70х60 - picture
68.025 In stock
27.12 грн.
22.32 грн.
Wall hook 70х20х45 - picture
68.026 In stock
10.80 грн.
8.88 грн.
Wall hook 125х20х45 - picture
68.027 In stock
13.26 грн.
10.86 грн.
Wall hanger with 3 hooks 1450х515 - picture
68.030 In stock
1,227.42 грн.
1,052.04 грн.
Wall hanger with 4 hooks 1450х815 - picture
68.040 In stock
1,802.94 грн.
1,545.36 грн.
Towel holder 75х580х90 - picture
211.98 грн.
171.60 грн.
Hanger in the hallway 1700хD-755 - picture
МК-18 In stock
1,257.90 грн.
972.72 грн.
Hanger with shelf 1200х1700х400 - picture
МК-19 In stock
4,749.90 грн.
3,643.62 грн.
Wall shelf 800х500х300 - picture
МК-22 In stock
499.50 грн.
404.22 грн.
Umbrella stand 885хD-520 - picture
МК-23 In stock
667.62 грн.
504.96 грн.

Wall hangers and forged hooks

Practical and at the same time sophisticated products that will certainly ennoble the hallway in an apartment or at home – wall hangers and hooks. Speaking at the level of a work of art, this furniture can not only be considered an element of decor, but also occupy a central place in the hall, attracting the attention of all guests.

The traditional beauty of such furniture is perfectly combined with classicism, but it can become a bright spot for some modern interior styles, even minimalism. Buying a wrought iron hanger in the hallway means abandoning ultra-fashionable trends and remembering the beauty of timeless classics, getting something that will always be relevant.

The first thing you see when crossing the threshold of the house is the entrance hall, which has a dressing room. The first impression of the owner of the house largely depends on the style in which this item is made. Agree, forged products give a respectable look to the entire interior. Conversely, the exclusive design of an apartment is also spoiled if the owner has not taken care of this attribute.

Varieties of wall hangers and hooks

Before buying, you need to know exactly which option is right for your home.

In addition to the version, the hangers also differ in design - designs in baroque, modern, classic, hi-tech and even avant-garde styles. In any case, you can choose the standard model on the website with delivery across Ukraine at a bargain price.

Wrought iron hallways

Elegant and durable wall hangers in the corridor will help organize clothes functionally and give an elegant look to the place where guests go first. Forged wall hangers are of different types - they can be single forged hooks on a plate or a wall mesh with many elements and a hat rack. Freestanding structures must have good support at the base; otherwise heavy clothes can tear them off and overload the entire structure, which is dangerous, because wall hangers are quite heavy and durable. The artistic wrought iron floor stand has a large enough bottom for added stability. The wall bracket in the hallway is fixed with 2 large or 4 small screws in the wall. Wall hangers can decorate your hallway so that you want to complement the interior with a chandelier and a wrought iron table. The product is covered with a primer and enamel with the addition of patina of different colors to highlight the texture of the metal or powder paint with other organic matter.

The advantage of wall structures

To place an order for the model you are interested in, select a product from the catalog and fill out the order form. The manager will contact you to clarify the possibility of payment and delivery.

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