Outdoor and garden wrought-iron furniture

Forged chair 400х465х1000 - picture
68.003 In stock
1,140.36 грн.
923.16 грн.
Wrought iron armchair 580х550х1000 - picture
68.004 In stock
1,696.14 грн.
1,373.04 грн.
Forged sofa 1550х550х1000 - picture
68.005 In stock
3,245.58 грн.
2,765.64 грн.
Round forged table D-860х810 - picture
68.006 In stock
1,331.22 грн.
1,134.36 грн.
Rectangular forged table 900х1500х800 - picture
68.007 In stock
2,592.90 грн.
2,209.38 грн.
Forged swing 1945х2150х1250 - picture
8,242.26 грн.
7,136.10 грн.
Urn street 745х385х300 - picture
68.100 In stock
1,362.48 грн.
1,037.40 грн.

Forged outdoor furniture

It's no secret that the first impression determines the beauty of any room, be it a restaurant, apartment building or office. Even small wrought iron furniture can uniquely change the overall look of a room. Such an amazing ability is possessed by hangers, ideally made for any room design and in a variety of styles – from traditional "classics" to baroque. Forged furniture is an exquisite, unique decoration of any interior that can complement it with beauty and grace. Elegant metal chairs, armchairs, tables with expressive shapes will bring positive energy and a wonderful atmosphere into the interior of your home.

Wrought-iron furnishings such as sofas and chairs add sophisticated sophistication to your home. The furniture can be used for garden, outdoor, and relaxation on the terrace.

Garden furniture

The use of products from artistic blacksmithing, furniture in the garden or on the backyard has its advantages. Among them are the following: reliability, durability, resistance to aggressive media and corrosion. For practicality, the product will need to be treated with a special anti-corrosion paint of any shade. You can decorate metal products with additional elements, as well as create an aging effect.

We offer favorable terms of cooperation for both individuals and wholesalers. We have a flexible system of discounts and various payment methods. We will help you create comfort in your home and furnish your garden with real masterpieces of art.

Interesting metal objects created with the help of forging give a special charm to the interior of the house and the garden landscape. This is exactly the zest that will not only add individuality to the appearance of a private house, office and restaurant, square and garden, but will also be very useful in the future.

Forged interior

You can arrange the decoration of a house, apartment, cottage or office in different ways. You can choose the Spartan style and purchase the simplest furnishings for the rooms in the nearest store, while someone prefers exclusive items made of rare woods or wrought-iron furnishings for the hallway, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room. Many people, obeying the sense of beauty, order forged beds, tables, chairs, coffee tables, hangers, dressing glasses, mirrors, shelves for shoes, books and other forged products from blacksmiths.

Practical and beautiful: the house is well equipped, dignified and luxurious in design.

For a summer residence, forged garden furniture is good – benches, tables, chairs. This was known and appreciated even in antiquity. That is why art forging – this method is used to make many types of products, including kitchen furnishings from forging, for a bathroom, living room, hallway, bedroom, loggia of a private house, apartment or summer cottage - a very ancient art that will always be in demand.

Forged furniture from the manufacturer Artdeco is not only sophistication and luxury, but also reliability, as well as practicality in the interior and landscape design.

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