Folding brazier forged from the manufacturer Artdeko®

Folding brazier 275х475х300х2 - picture
69.100 In stock
907.56 грн.
773.28 грн.
Folding brazier 505х450х280х2 - picture
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1,004.04 грн.
855.60 грн.

For lovers of quiet outdoor recreation, as well as avid summer residents, we offer inexpensive folding braziers in Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Nikolaev, Kherson, Rovno, Dnipro, Kharkov and with delivery to all regions of Ukraine. When folded, the equipment has a compact size, it is easy to transport without effort. Folding brazier can be assembled and installed in minutes without any special tools. You can cook flavored kebabs, meat or fish steaks at any time and in any area.

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Barbecue advantage

Small in size, but easy to use, the design is quite a useful and profitable acquisition for lovers of outdoor activities. There are three main advantages of buying a folding barbecue:

  1. Functionality. Despite its modest size, it has a convenient arrangement of holders for skewers, including a grill grate. It will not be difficult to prepare a delicious dinner for a large company.
  2. Sophisticated design in simple design. The folding brazier has stable legs that prevent the device from overturning even on an uneven surface or in the grass.
  3. Modern materials. For the production of folding braziers, sheet metal is used, which, when heated, does not emit toxic substances, does not change the taste and smell of cooked food. The fold-out design is lightweight, making it easy to move and store. The portable folding brazier is easy to wash and clean, while the equipment has a long service life

An excellent addition to a comfortable outdoor recreation is a collapsible barbecue. Having decided to buy a folding metal structure that you can take with you wherever you go: to a summer cottage, fishing or on a hike, you can solve many issues that arise when cooking at home. These products take up a minimum of space, and an affordable price from the manufacturer will help save money on the purchase. We offer you to buy a folding brazier with delivery across Ukraine.

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How to choose a barbecue?

If you often travel to nature, there is nothing easier than a foldable grill that you can take with you wherever you go. Before buying a collapsible product, you should pay attention to quality. The structure must be strong and reliable, as the slightest breakage can ruin the mood on weekends and rest. Therefore, it is best to buy a metal brazier - it is strong, durable, stable and folds easily. In addition, such a product is quite lightweight and does not take up much space with all the "camping" equipment.

In nature, there is nothing tastier than a fragrant barbecue! When you have decided on the appearance and height, look at its dimensions. You will find small designs for sale - these are great if you are traveling with a few friends. If you prefer large companies, think about buying a collapsible barbecue 505x450 mm, designed for 9-10 skewers on high legs. The thickness of the metal is also important - it must be optimal, which guarantees a record and long service, reliable assembly and safe use in any situation.

How to buy?

Nowadays, when every minute becomes valuable enough, you can use online shopping and order delivery.

We recommend buying a collapsible brazier in the Artdeco® online store - this will save your time, and affordable prices will make the purchase profitable.

In order to buy a product on the Artdeco® website, you need to take only 3 steps:

  1. Put the product in the basket
  2. Fill in the data of the recipient and the delivery address
  3. Press the button "Place an order".

After that, a specialist will contact you to clarify the delivery details from the more convenient Artdeco® representative office you have chosen for delivery, and arrange the shipment of the goods.

Including, you can order a folding brazier by phone or by e-mail, as well as come to the nearest representative office and pick up the structure directly from the warehouse.

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